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Nearly 25 Years Later, Here's What The Kids From 'The Sandlot' Look Like Now

Back in the early 90s, The Sandlot was everyone's favorite movie about the misadventures of a kids baseball team. To this day, I still look for opportunities to yell "You're killing me, Smalls!" at my friends. However, where did the kids from the movie all end up? Read on to find out!

Shane Obedzinski - Tommy "Repeat" Timmins

The youngest Sandlot brother actually largely quit acting in 1990. These days he runs the New York Times Square Pizza in Florida.

Victor DiMattia - Timmy Timmins

DiMattia also played Sam on the show A Peaceable Kingdom, and went back to that role before taking a step back from acting. He now directs indie films!

Grant Gelt - Bertram Weeks

Gelt continued acting in TV for the rest of the 90s, getting some appearances on shows like Saved By The Bell: The New Class and Boy Meets World before leaving acting in the 2000s to work as a music manager.

Brandon Quintin Adams - Kenny DeNunez

Adams had already appeared in The Mighty Ducks before The Sandlot, and came back for D2: The Mighty Ducks Return soon after! He had a few smaller roles, and these days works as a video game voice actor.

Wonder if Smalls is still killing us? Keep reading to find out!

Marty York - Alan "Yeah-Yeah" McClennan

The Sandlot was York's first role, and he went on to a few small TV roles on shows like Hey Arnold! and The Eric Andre Show.

Chauncey Leopardi - Michael "Squints" Palledorous

Leopardi had a few small roles before appearing as Squints, and went on to roles in The Big Green, Freaks and Geeks, and Gilmore Girls.

Patrick Renna - Hamilton "Ham" Porter

The Sandlot was Renna's breakthrough role, and he's continued to act in TV shows and movies today! He's had small roles on things like Boy Meets World, Home Improvement, Judging Amy, and Boston Legal.

Mike Vitar - Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez

Vitar went on to more roles in the Mighty Ducks sequels, before quitting acting in 1997 and starting a career as a firefighter.

Tom Guiry - Scotty Smalls

Guiry got his big break with The Sandlot as many of the other kids did, and had several leading roles in things like Mystic River, The Black Donnellys, and Kings.

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