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8 Times MTV Molded Our Childhood


MTV brought us some of our best childhood, and teen memories. From the countdowns, the reality shows and the music awards, MTV taught us everything we probably shouldn't have known about until we were much older, and we loved every minute of it.

1. The Real World.

We learned so much from the beginning seasons of this show. I learned way too much about sex, and a very skewed version about what life would be like when i'm in my 20's. This was the type of show that you grew so attached to every character and then once a new season started you completely forgot who was even on the season before. You can tell that this show was the best because they currently have 32 seasons of it and counting. Maybe our kids will be watching it one day.

2. That time Avril Lavigne pushed Kelly Clarkson.

It's still very unclear as to what happened here, but to me it is quite obvious that Avril pushed Kelly off of her while trying to give her a hug. In Avril's defense, she just wanted to get her Moonman award.

3. When Justin Timberlake finally realized his worth.

When JT took his frosted tips and left NSYNC. He then released "Like I Love You," and we learned to love him and all his ramen hair glory.

4. When you related to Simple Plan on a deep level.

When they released "I'm Just A Kid," and you felt as if they were speaking directly to you. Thinking to your angry preteen self, "I am just a kid, and my life is a nightmare!"

5. When MTV announced Kurt Cobain's death.

This was probably the most influential celebrity death in the 90s. I can still remember Kurt Loder coming on MTV to let us all know that Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain had died. Also, grunge died when Kurt Cobain did.

6. Britney and Madonna's Kiss.

At the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, Madonna and Britney shocked us all with their on screen kiss. She also kissed Christina Aguilera but not as passionately as Britney. No one expected her to make out with these pop stars (who were half her age,) in front of all of America. It left quite an impression to say the least.

7. Carson Daly.

The days when Carson Daly was an MTV VJ on Total Request Live. He sat in a dimmed room on a black leather couch, counting down music videos. Oh, and he always had black nail polish on.

8. Christina Aguilera's VMAs outfit.

At the 2002 VMAs, Christina showed up with what looked like a wrapped scarf and a jean skirt that was more like underwear. Ah early 2000s fashion.

MTV was the original sex-ed for preteens. Share your favorite MTV moment.