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13 Movie "Villains" Who Were Right All Along

While they may be a lot scarier than the hero of the story, sometimes you just can't help rooting for the villain.

They're cool, unique, and usually they have the best song. In some cases it's hard not to feel sorry for them. There are a few movies where the "bad guy" isn't so bad after all. Here are 13 movie villains who actually had the right idea.

1. Captain Hook from Peter Pan


The older you get, the more you just have to ask "what is wrong with Peter?" We get that he never grows up, but he must know it's not okay to whisk three kids out of their beds in the middle of the night for some crazy adventure.

And as for Captain Hook, it seems like he got the raw deal in this story. Yes, he's a pirate, but Peter cut off his hand and fed it to a crocodile who follows Hook around waiting to eat him.

The real face of evil?Disney

In fact, the original play the movie was based on didn't even have a villain, since Peter was weird and antagonistic enough.

2. Sid from Toy Story


Sure, Sid isn't very nice to his little sister, but just try and find a pair of young siblings who get along well. Sid's biggest fault in the movie is the way he "tortures" his toys, but of course he doesn't know they're alive.

From Sid's point of view, he's just "playing" with his toys, until they come to life and traumatize him. Now that scene isn't so funny, is it?

3. Mr. Hector from Home Alone 2

We have no sympathy for the Wet/Sticky Bandits and they way they menace Kevin in these first two Home Alone movies, but as far as we're concerned Tim Curry's character is innocent.

Hughes Entertainment

As a hotel clerk, Mr. Hector is just doing his job by uncovering Kevin's lies and pointing out that he's using a stolen credit card. Or should we side with the unsupervised minor who's running amok in New York City?

4. Gaston from Beauty and the Beast

Yes, no one has more backwards ideas than Gaston, but for the time period he was probably about average. Meanwhile, we can't blame the village's bravest hunter for trying to kill the huge buffalo/boar monster living in a nearby castle.


Of course we know better, but should we expect Gaston to realize there's a heart of gold inside this horrifying creature? I don't think so.

5. The government agents from E.T.

Universal Pictures

This is another case where despite what the audience knows, we can't fault the "bad guys" for their good intentions. All they know is that an alien crash landed in the woods behind a suburb. Maybe they didn't feed the little guy Reese's Pieces or let him watch old movies, but somebody has to figure out if an alien life form is really safe or not.

6. Dean Rooney from Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Paramount Pictures

Let's take it from the top: Ferris hacks into the school's computer system and phones in a fake death to get his girlfriend out of school, and we're supposed to root for him? As we get older it's hard not to feel bad for Dean of Students Rooney.

This dedicated educator gets beat up, attacked by dogs and humiliated all day, just for trying to get Ferris punished for something we know he did. Actions have consequences, Mr. Bueller!

7. The Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz

This witch gets such a raw deal that it inspired a Broadway musical about how she's the real victim of the story.


Some unsuspecting farm girl from Kansas drops a house on your sister, then steals her slippers, and you're just supposed to play nice? I don't think so!

8. Edgar from The Aristocats

Can you honestly blame Edgar? Working day in and day out for some rich old lady just to find out that she left her estate to her cats instead of him? The absolute nerve!


And to give him credit, he didn't even try to kill the cats, just put them to sleep and drove them away from the house. If they spent the rest of their lives dancing to jazz and living the good life, Edgar could have had a happy ending.

9. Walter Peck from Ghostbusters

Delphi Films / Black Rhino Productions

Let's be honest here: the EPA is probably right to poke their nose in and see if the Ghostbusters are handling their ghost storage system safely. I don't know what kind of permit you would apply for to run a ghost busting business, but I'm sure Dr. Venkman didn't get one.

If the Ghostbusters called up a CPA and got their affairs in order, the whole movie would have ended without all that fuss.

10. Principal Vernon from The Breakfast Club

Another movie principal who gets a bad reputation he doesn't deserve. Yes, he was a little rough on Bender, but only after catching him repeatedly breaking the detention rules. And in case you forgot, Bender brought a gun to school, which is a lot worse than being yelled at.

A&M Films / Channel Productions

We're glad these kids were able to discover a lot about themselves in detention, but that doesn't make up for wasting Vernon's Saturday with their shenanigans.

11. Agent Smith and the machines from The Matrix

Warner Bros.

Let's break it down: we created the machines, they became as smart as us, then we started a war against them. We even destroyed the sky to try and stop the solar-powered machines. It didn't work, so they used our bodies as a power source and plugged us all into the Matrix.

All in all, that's not so bad. In fact the machines originally designed the Matrix to be a perfect world, but our crummy human minds wouldn't accept that, forcing them to make it more like the 1990s. So why is Neo the hero for trying to break us out of the Matrix?

If this is the real world, we'll gladly stay in the Matrix.Warner Bros.

Personally, I'm much happier watching TV and going to work than fighting to survive on a planet we destroyed hundreds of years ago.

12. Captain Skroeder from Short Circuit

So a military prototype gets struck by lighting and drives off on its own with a working laser cannon, and Skroeder is supposed to be the bad guy for trying to stop him? Johnny 5 is a cute little robot, but he could do some serious damage, and Skroeder doesn't know that he's more interested in dancing than destruction.

Tristar Pictures

And even after the Army thinks Johnny is destroyed, Skroeder is still fired. Over what, letting a robot get struck by lightning?

13. Bruce the shark from Jaws

Ok, so he ate a few people. Sharks only do that when they're confused or starving. Meanwhile, us humans have no problem chopping Bruce up to turn him into soup.

Can't we all just get along?Universal Pictures

In fact, marine biologists say the bad reputation sharks earned from this horror movie series has done a lot of damage to the planet's shark population. Maybe instead of a bigger boat, what we needed was a bigger heart...

Can you think of any more movie "villains" who got a raw deal?