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15 Times Mel Brooks Made Us Laugh Until It Hurt

Mel Brooks has been thoroughly entertaining us on stage and screen since the 70s, and while he hasn't put out a movie in a while, his filmography is full of absolute classics that we still watch to this day. The jokes fly for every minute of his movies, but these 15 are especially good.

The Producers

Only Brooks could pull off a stage show as outrageous as "Springtime For Hitler" and make it amazingly funny.

Blazing Saddles

Between Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder, Harvey Korman, and this ridiculous line of evildoers, there's enough jokes in this clip for an entire movie.

Brooks absolutely kills it as the corrupt Governor Lepetomane.

And of course, Gene Wilder steals every scene he shows up in as The Waco Kid.

The jokes just get better from here...

Young Frankenstein

Everyone's always getting each other's names wrong in this movie.

Igor did kind of screw up with Abby Normal's brain...

The horses really don't like Frau Blucher.

Then there's this pretty risqué joke by Igor.

History of the World Part 1

Moses talks to a pretty snippy God.

Who could forget an entire song about The Spanish Inquisition?


Dark Helmet is surrounded by assholes.

Lone Star shows he's a pretty clever guy when he literally jams Helmet's radar.

Things got weird when Dark Helmet was looking at NOW.

And of course, the greatest fight scene in cinema history.

Robin Hood: Men In Tights


Chastity belts are a real drag.

What's your favorite Mel Brooks joke?