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A Reference In Star Wars Has Us Wondering If There's A Glitch in The Matrix


They are two of the greatest and most well-known science fiction series to have ever made it to the big screen. Their fans are so dedicated that they have gone through the history of their respective universes so as to better understand the stories.

But what if there is a connection between the two that goes far deeper than a passing mention?

That's what some fans of the two sagas are left wondering about ever since someone pointed out this weird scene.

Those familiar with Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) will remember that early on in the movie, Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker are chasing down an assassin who just tried to kill Padme, Anakin's secret lover.

They enter the crowd to seek out clues, when a pretty innocuous moment occurs between Obi Wan and a random stranger.

The stranger offers to sell him contraband, and Obi Wan uses the force to convince him to rethink his life decisions, before sharing a drink and walking away.

This character may not be familiar to most, but he played an important role in The Matrix.

Actor Matt Doran played the character Mouse, who was a crew member on the Nebuchadnezzar, and proud designer of the Woman in the Red Dress.

She was a part of the training simulations in The Matrix, programmed to attract the attention of new recruits before transforming into an enemy combatant.

So what? So this!

Just after Doran tries to sell Obi Wan the contraband, the scene jumps to a girl in red light who takes an interest in Anakin. That girl? The Woman in the Red Dress.

That's not all. The stranger and Obi Wan are noted as drinking red and blue drinks. Doran with the red cup, suggesting awareness of the simulation he lives in. Obi Wan sipping the blue drink, perhaps unaware he lives inside the Matrix code, or unwitting to the danger Anakin is becoming.

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