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Steve Buscemi Holds Grudges, And 9 Other Things To Know About "Mad About You"

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Is there a more underrated sitcom from the 90s than Mad About You? Paul and Jamie gave us laughs for seven seasons, and frankly they deserved more.

Here are some things about the show you may not have known.

1. thirtysomething

Paul Reiser and Danny Jacobson pitched the show to NBC as a story about a "couple in private." They figured there were enough shows about people in social settings, and they wanted something different.

"When you leave the party or the dinner, it's you and your wife in the car," NBC executive Jamie Tarses recalled of the pitch.

Reiser and Jacobson also compared their show to thirtysomething, but said it would be "shorter and funnier."

2. Skeptical Helen

Daily Mail/NBC

Helen Hunt almost turned down the role in Mad About You, wanting to focus on her movie career instead. However, when she read the pilot script, that all changed.

"Paul had said he wanted to do a show about the moment when a couple has left a party and just gotten behind closed doors and then the truth comes out," Hunt told The New York Times in 1994. "To do a whole series about moments like that—that was the only kind of show I could see that would warrant five years of work."

3. Super Teri


Before Helen Hunt landed the role of Jamie, it almost went to Teri Hatcher. However, when Hunt perfectly imitated Reiser when trying to decide what to eat (a scene in the pilot,) she stole the part. It worked out for Hatcher, however, who landed the role of Lois in Lois and Clark.

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