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Here Are 10 Freaky Facts About The Movie That Taught Our Mother's To Chill Out


Freaky Friday was by-far one of the funniest movies to come out of the summer of 2003, but it was also great to watch our mothers and daughters squabble over who was learning the real lesson.

The movie remake of the original 1972 novel by Mary Rodgers shows us the implications of what would happen if we switched bodies with a parent for an entire day. Honestly, I don't know if I could do it.

The making of the film was pretty interesting by itself, in fact, there were a lot of little quirks that made it a lot of fun to be a part of!

From drama over casting, to learning how to slouch like a teenager, and everything in between, here's 10 facts about your favorite mother/daughter movie that will have you saying "Shut up!"

True To Life

When she was offered the part of Tess Coleman, Jamie Lee Curtis was already in the middle of her own book tour. In fact, she only agreed to take the part on the assurance that she could finish the tour and that filming wouldn't interfere with her parenting commitments.

Two's Company

Did you know that Freaky Friday was only the second movie that Lindsey Lohan had starred in to make it to theaters? Her first, Parent Trap, had come out five years earlier in 1998.

Actually, when Curtis heard that the Parent Trap star was taking on the role, she asked which twin she had played in the movie, before someone explained she had played both!


The character of Anna Coleman began as a 'goth', a.k.a. a person who is really dark and moody to the extreme (well, more than the average teenage girl). Lohan was very much against this, and showed up in an Abercrombie & Fitch outfit to prove that the character didn't need to be so stormy.

The writing team agreed with her, and so lightened her up into a punk rock personality.

Lessons Learned

When they began working together, Curtis and Lohan had to get used to each others personalities and habits if they were going to get the acting right.

Curtis worked with Lohan on her posture and grammar in order to phrase her lines like a pretentious adult, while Lohan showed her mother-figure how to slough just right and nail the teenage phrase "Shut up!"

Rocking Out

Neither Curtis or Lohan were experts on the guitar before this film, which is funny because they had to both play solos by the end of it!

Curtis was taught by her husband, Christopher Guest, the acclaimed screenwriter and director, who was the guitarist in the movie This Is Spinal Tap. Lohan also got stage directions from Amir Derakh from the band Orgy.

Curtis is seen rocking out in the ending scene, but was dubbed over by another guitarist for the film. She did say, however, that her playing could have been used anyways.

Lohan also sang "Ultimate", on the films soundtrack, that plays at the end of the movie.

A Freaky Coincidence

The book cover for Tess Coleman's Through The Looking Glass, was actually the cover for the original novel. The writing team though it would be funny to make an homage to the book that has been redone many times over. This movie was the third remake!


Even though Chad Michael Murray played the biking love interest, his bad boy image was a little artificial. He never actually rode the bike due to insurance issues on set. He only ever got to sit on the Ducati!

Bates Motel

Mr. Bates was the teacher with an ax to grind against the Coleman family. His character was actually a reference to the horror movie career of Curtis and her mother, whose former films included the infamous Psycho, whose anti-hero is the serial killer Norman Bates,

Foster Mother?

Jodie Foster was first offered the role as the mother in the movie's reprise. She had played the daughter in the 1976 version of the movie. She turned it done though, saying she didn't want to take away from the new adaptation by bringing in a returning cast member.

Take Your Time

Lohan and Murray had great chemistry on set, but it didn't mean they weren't nervous when it came down to more intimate scenes. Their embrace at the end of the movie was the first on-screen kiss for Lohan and they needed it to be just right.

It actually took them two whole days to get that scene right in the end. Was it nerves, or maybe they were having too much fun!

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