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Amazon Is Trying To Make A LOTR TV Series And No One Knows How To Feel

Boy Genius Report / New Line/Warner Bros.

A potential The Lord of the Rings television series is being shopped around following the recent partnership between the Tolkien estate and Warner Bros.

Several networks have shown interest into transitioning the iconic novels to the small screen, with Amazon Prime seen as the front-runner.

According to Deadline, the rights alone could cost anywhere from $200 to $250 Million. It's also estimated the show will see a hefty price tag for each season, ranging between $100 to $150 Million.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been searching for a TV show to compete with HBO's massive hit, Game of Thrones. He believes the fantasy series is the perfect opponent, and is “personally involved in the negotiations.”

However, the public seems to of the lack of originality in creating a show based on an existing franchise.

With the novels already adapted into several beloved films, critics have emphasized the lack of originality the show will most likely produce.

"Re-adapting the original trilogy would mean a story that everyone has already seen before, lacking the kind of surprises that keep Game of Thrones fans coming back," Forbes contributor Paul Tassi said.

The most famous adaptation is the The Lord of the Rings trilogy directed by Peter Jackson, which ran between 2001 to 2003 and garnered 17 Academy Awards.

The novels were also adapted into a 1978 animated movie of the same name, which comprised of The Fellowship of the Ring and the first half of The Two Towers. While a financial success, it received mixed reviews from critics and never received a followup of the rest of the novel.

J.R.R Tolkien's The Hobbit also received the animated treatment when Rankin/Bass turned the novel into a musical television special in 1977. The company also produced The Return of the Ring in 1979, mimicking the same format.

The most recent big screen adaptation was The Hobbit directed once again by Jackson from 2012 to 2014. A financial success, the trilogy engrossed more than The Lord of the Rings at the box office but was deemed by critics as an inferior production.

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