Do You Trust Them? Disney Continues Their Live-Action Trend With Aladdin

Disney, maybe try to make something original for a bit? Another remake is in the works, adding to the avalanche of Live-Action versions of all of our childhood classic films. We've had Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and Jungle Book. We are scheduled to get Beauty and the Beast, and Lion King but now they have announced another to list: Aladdin.

The staple of everyone's childhood, Aladdin's story was loved by all. Most importantly, it had the one of the greatest comedians ever as the voice of the hilarious Genie, Robin Williams. It has been said that Disney has about 16 hours of footage of Williams trying out different material that didn't make it into the film. Now that they are planning to remake it you have to wonder, is it really necessary?


The original Aladdin still hold up, so why do you need a new one?


Disney makes a lot of money off of their remakes. There is a new generation of kids who may not be as familiar with Aladdin as us Millennials are, but does that mean they should make more? While I must say I am excited for Beauty and the Beast, the ever increasing trend is getting a little bit tiring. As we said, there is a Lion King reboot, and also a recently announced Mulan remake and apparently even Dumbo.

What is Aladdin without the Genie?


Even though Disney does have those 16 hours of footage, there is reports that Robin Williams has a clause in his will that prevents Disney from using it for 25 years after his death. Without Williams as the Genie who will they get to replace him? They tried to replace him for Return of Jafar (the Aladdin sequel) but by the third Disney brought back Williams because he is the best of the best.

What do they mean by "Non-Linear" approach?


The Hollywood Reporter has claimed they are trying to make the film "non-traditional" and "non-linear". What does that even mean? Guy Ritchie is set to direct. He is known for movies like Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr., Snatch and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Will he be able to make a romantic story with musical numbers? Will there still be musical numbers, because that is very important!

What do you think? Should Disney take a break on the reboots and remakes for a while or should they keep on making these Live-Action versions of all of our favorite movies? Share with your friends and see what they think!