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4 Knight Rider Spin-offs Even The Most Die-Hard Fans Didn't Know Existed

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Back in the weird and wonderful world of 1982, a hit new show was about to make its mark on television history. In a police detective meets science fiction series, David Hasselhoff plays the Foundation for Law and Government (F.L.A.G.) agent Michael Knight, who cruises in the legendary high-tech vehicle KITT fighting crime wherever his wheels take him.

The show was immensely popular with its snappy lines and tough stance on justice, bringing with it a whole wave of cultural references that we all use today without realizing it.

Even though the original series only lasted for four years, the people wanted Knight Rider to live on. Over the years the franchise saw a number of revivals on the big screen and in our living rooms.

Keep your scanners peeled, we're going for a ride!

Code Of Vengeance

The first spin-off actually had its origins in an episode of Knight Rider in season two as a back-door pilot as its own TV show. Due to low ratings the show was changed to a made-for-television movie to boost its viewability. It was extremely popular on release and would eventually release several more sequel films.

Team Knight Rider

Long after the adventures of Michael Knight had ended, an updated group of heroes and super-vehicles have teamed up in the fight against evil!

Though unfortunately not for long. The show only had one season before it was cancelled due to low ratings.

But the world hadn't seen the last of the elusive agent just yet!

Knight Rider 2000 Series

These two films were both understood to take part in the same universe as the original series, however Knight Rider 2010 very few references to it and is generally understood to be stand-alone movie.

They both take part in post-apocalyptic environments, with Hasselhoff reprising his role as Micheal Knight in 2000 as a test-driver for the new Knight 4000 in a world where guns have been made banned and criminals are cryo-frozen to sleep away their sentences.

Knight Rider (2008 TV Series)

A true remake series, the story follows Mike Traceur, son of the infamous Michael Knight. He drives the -updated KITT (Knight Industries Three Thousand) that has the ability to hack any computer system, host a heavily armored weapons system, and can even transform into other vehicles.

Like its remake-predecessor the show only lasted a single season, likely due to it's careful adherence to the original plotlines.

There's now talk of a new Knight Rider movie in the works, but does it have what it takes to break the franchise curse?

What was your favorite version of KITT and Agent Knight?