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Kids Today Probably Wouldn't Survive Our Toys, Especially This One

Lately it seems as though kids are being kept in plastic bubbles to keep them safe. Well, back in the 90s that is not how it went. We were expected to play outside, ride out bikes, and only come home when it was dark out. We also had toys that were WAY different than kids' toys are now. They weren't really focused on keeping kids bruise free, but instead, focused on expending all that pent up energy.

A lot of toys from the past wouldn't be made today, maybe because they had such weird commercials, or maybe because they were essentially a toy made to punch your friends with. That's right, I am talking about the Socker Boppers.

Sock'em Boppers (sometimes called Socker Boppers) were essentially an inflatable boxing glove that was marketed to kids so they could punch each other without actually hurting anyone. Problem is, everyone still got hurt. That never really stopped people from using them, obviously because they were amazing.

These ridiculous things were absolutely great. Kids loved them, parents tolerated them, so therefore everyone won. The craziest thing is, apparently they are still making these! They had a bit of a renaissance around 2006 and were relaunched in 2012.

Who remembers the original commercial?

Seriously though, you can still get these for super cheap! They are only $10 on Amazon!

I can't believe they still make these. They seem like something that if it didn't have that nostalgia factor probably wouldn't get made.

Did you ever have these when you were a kid? Share if you remember them!