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Kenan And Kel Reunited And We Love It More Than Orange Soda

Kenan and Kel were the best comedy duo of the 90s, and it's not even close. Their show ran for a whopping 65 episodes, which for a show in the 90s is a decent stint. The friends shot to fame with the movie Good Burger, which is still quoted today.

When Kenan & Kel first aired, it made history by becoming the first Nickelodeon primetime sitcom to star two African-American leads. The two seemed inseparable on and off the screen, and they lived together with their moms. They would all hang out together and the boys would pull pranks on their moms. Kel recalls a time when they replaced the dishwasher soap with laundry detergent.

“It was bubbles everywhere. The whole apartment was just with bubbles,” Mitchell said in an interview with ABC News. “It was like an episode of Kenan & Kel but real life. It was pretty funny.”

The friends grew up, however, and it was time to move on to bigger and better things. Both auditioned for Saturday Night Live, but it was ultimately Kenan that landed the role. Kel has gone on to star in some smaller stuff, but never found fame the same way he had with Kenan & Kel. The friends seemed to remain close, and even hinted at a possible reunion.

“Oh yeah, we’ve definitely been talking about it," Kel told Jimmy Fallon. "Just to get back in those shoes, on stage together, we were both like, ‘Oh man, we gotta do something together again.’”

“I mean, we might as well; it couldn’t hurt, “ teased Kenan. “If people want it then they should have it.”

Well guess what, friends? It happened! Kenan, Kel, and some other familiar faces finally got together to punch us in the nostalgia!

The iconic 90's duo and some former cast members of All That reunited over the weekend for an episode of Nick Cannon's Wild 'N Out, an improv comedy show "injected with a hip-hop flavor." Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Nick Cannon, Josh Server, and the hilarious Lori Beth Denberg found themselves together again, more than 20 years after their All That days.


"With my Brothers! I got to frame this picture! Yo Lil bro @nickcannon your staff and crew was awesome today," Kel wrote on Instagram. "Thanks for putting this all together and congratulations on filming season 11 of @mtvwildnout And I enjoyed the prayer you did with the cast before we all hit the stage! #teamJesus Continued success bro! Blessings!"

"Kenan game face is epic in this pic!!" he wrote on another picture.

Server also posted some shots of the day, with one photo simply captioned "#familyreunion." The other said "#allthatreunion on @mtvwildnout today!! we had a blast with the amazing cast and crew!!!