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10 Character Deaths That Still Make Us Tear Up Decades Later

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For some reason, the movies we watched as kids all had an obsession with forcing us to deal with the concept of death. In particular, these 10 movies not only traumatized us as kids, but still get us teary-eyed years later.

The Land Before Time - Littlefoot's Mother


if you're a son who grew up very close to his mother, the scene where Littlefoot's mom fights off a friggin T-Rex to protect him, only to die afterwards as he cries out for her, is one of the singularly saddest things you can ever see. It happens right at the friggin start of the movie too!

Not to mention the scene later where he thinks he finds her again, only for it to be a rock. Even to this day that scene destroys me.

The NeverEnding Story - Artax

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When Atreyu and his loyal horse Artax have to cross the Swamp of Sadness, they're told that only someone who brings sadness in with their hearts will sink into the mire.

Atreyu is just about able to make it across no problem... when Artax begins to sink to his death. Atreyu looks on and screams for his friend, but Artax sinks entirely into the swamp. I have a ton of questions about how Artax could've been that sad, but I'm too busy crying my eyes out over a dead horse to care that much.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Joyce Summers

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Buffy was already no stranger to death by the time the episode "The Body" aired (we'd already lost several notable characters, including Angel at one point), but this was the one that truly ruined everybody's day.

Buffy returns home only to find Joyce wide-eyed on the couch, her panic soon gives way to real sadness as she realizes Joyce is dead. Joyce was Buffy's unsung rock through the show, and hearing Buffy going "Mom... Mommy..." as she holds her body was just way too much.

The Lion King - Mufasa


Probably the first movie a 90s kid remembers really making them face the concept of death, Mufasa's death is tragic, sudden, and brutal.

Between him risking his life to save his son, his betrayal at the hands of his brother Scar (complete with the most brutal line in movie history, "Long. Live. The King."), the extended fall to his doom, Simba sadly trying to revive him, and worst of all, Scar blaming him for the whole thing, it's a rough watch even today.

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