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KB Toys Announces Their Comeback After Toys 'R' Us Declares Bankruptcy


After we were all devastated by the news that our childhood heaven Toys 'R' Us was closing down, we thought that nothing could make our inner child happy. Honestly, Toys 'R' Us was the coolest place to go when you were little, and it sucks knowing that we won't be able to bring our kids there one day.

But wait! There was one place that we loved going to just as much as Toys 'R' Us, maybe even more. KB Toys was the competitor to the popular brand, and while they went out of business in 2009, they are now planning their comeback.

With their competition out of the way, the popular toy store might just have the opportunity it needs to build back their fallen empire and return to the glory days of screaming kids and stressed out parents!

KB Toys sold their branding rights to Toys 'R' Us back when they went out of business, but now that they are no longer in the picture, KB Toys is going to have the opportunity to come back.

They have a plan that starts by studying why the company went under in the first place, and hopefully prevent it from happening again. It's fair to assume that they will try to gain whatever info they can from the Toys 'R' Us debacle and hopefully do better this time.

The announcement comes from the founder of Strategic Marks, LLC Ellia Kassoff, who has a lot of exciting news about the new launch, and how it will actually help those who are losing their jobs at Toys 'R' Us.

She starts off with the exciting news that they are officially bringing back KB Toys "very soon," and then Kassoff goes a little bit more into detail about the plan.

"Many of you asked what our plans will be and all we can say is we spent the last six months working on a sustainable model to bring back KB Toys the right way so it can compete with not only the big box stores but on-line as well."

Kassoff highlights the core company value of Strategic Marks, by saying that their successful formula has always been "To bring back the experiences we loved as a child, just as you remembered them."

With the closure of Toys 'R' Us, the team working on the revival of KB Toys has decided that they want to accelerate the project and have the stores open by this Christmas season!

They are trying to find a business model that will help them compete with the online market, while still sticking to the KB Toys we all know and love.

They also have some great news for those 33,000 Toys 'R' Us employees who will be losing their jobs soon.

"We understand, we're not just restarting the only other well-known and loved toy chain in the US but hope to find places for those 33,000 jobs which will be lost as Toys R Us closes."

She invites all current Toys 'R' Us employees to send in their resumes while the company finalizes the details, and they plan on updating us as soon as they know more.

How thrilled are you? KB Toys was my absolute favorite store. We didn't have a Toys 'R' Us in our town, but the KB Toys was really close and we would go there all the time and just wander the aisles, staring at the pretty Barbies and the cute stuffed animals.

Source - Nerdist / LinkedIn