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JNCO Jeans Are Going Out Of Business, Which Proves We're Living In The Darkest Timeline


If ever you needed proof that the 90s were one of the weirdest decades in recent history, you could look no further than the fashion choices we each made during our teen years.

Whether it was spiked hair with frosted tips for guys, overalls and platform shoes for the ladies, or wallets with chains literally everywhere on everybody, basically if you weren't going out of your way to look like a character in one of the many, MANY teen dramas and comedies in theaters, you weren't doing it right.

No clothing company embodied the age quite like JNCO Jeans, a company that made their name off of one, simple concept: "What if bell bottom jeans were even MORE ridiculous? Like, parachute pants ridiculous?"


Their massively baggy jeans were one of the hottest items of the 90s, appearing in middle and high schools nationwide. However, much like chunky highlights, hair scrunchies and plastic choker necklaces, the trend didn't outlast the decade, and people seemed to forget about them entirely.

Despite some attempts to revive the brand in our increasingly 90s-obsessed modern day, it looks like the writing's on the wall for JNCO Jeans: they've filed for bankruptcy.

Despite their fall from grace towards the end of the 90s, JNCO remained in business for quite a while afterwards in some shape or another, although their business paled in comparison to the numbers they were pulling in their heyday.

However, seeing an upward trend of 90s nostalgia emerging in the last few years, they took their chances and tried to reintroduce the brand to a new audience. This resulted in both their Heritage collection of 90s jeans back in 2015, as well as a failed Kickstarter campaign to crowd-fund a children's clothing line in April 2017.


Both of these ultimately failed, and the company is closing down operations permanently. In a farewell message posted to their website, the company states that:

"Since the 1990s, JNCO jeans have been the premier denim brand of the counterculture. While we here at JNCO are so proud to have offered an outlet for voices often overlooked, we will soon be ending another chapter of JNCO history."

Did you wear JNCOs back in the day? Are you sad to see them go?