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It's Been 25 Years Since "A League Of Their Own"! Where Is The Cast Now?

If you grew up in the 90s, A League of Their Own probably played on your TV constantly. It was one of those movies that seemed to be on every second weekend and because it was great, you obviously watched it!

A movie based in the World War II era, Tom Hanks is tasked with training up a team of female baseball players to compete in the first ever female professional baseball league. The movie is still loved to this day, and a lot of the cast has continued on to some pretty awesome things!

Megan Cavanagh - Marla Hooch


Oh Marla. So awkward and great. Cavanagh has been acting pretty consistently since this, doing a lot of TV shows and even some voice over work.

Tracy Reiner - Betty "Spaghetti" Horn


Tracy stopped acting back in 2010, but she is supposed to be in an upcoming film (no date yet). She was in Die Hard, Apollo 13 and That Thing You Do with Tom Hanks.

Bitty Schram - Evelyn Gardner


She learned the hard way that there is no crying in baseball. She went on to have a big part in the show Monk for many years.


Ann Cusack - Shirley Baker


Ann Cusack has done a lot of popular television shows including Scandal, Fargo, Castle and Better Call Saul. She also rejoined her former cast-mate Tom Hanks in the recent movie Sully.

Anne Ramsay - Helen Haley


She has continued working a lot since this movie. She was in Mad About You, The Secret Life Of The American Teenage, Hart Of Dixie and a whole lot of other stuff in between.

Freddie Simpson - Ellen Sue Gotlander


Freddie Simpson has stopped acting, her last credited project was in 2002. She did however come out to the reunion they had not too long ago!

David Strathairn and Gary Marshall - Ira Lowenstein & Walter Harvey

David has been in a lot of big movies, including The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Lincoln and actually another baseball movie called Eight Men Out. Gary Marshall passed away in July of 2016 after directing so many classic romantic comedies like Pretty Woman, The Princess Diaries, and Runaway Bride.

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Jon Lovitz

A big name in comedy for what seems like forever, Jon Lovitz is constantly popping up everywhere. He does a lot of voice work too, still going back to the Simpsons fairly often as Artie Ziff and in other animated movies like Hotel Transylvania.

Rosie O'Donnell - Doris Murphy


Long before Rosie was a controversial celebrity, she played good ol' Doris Murphy! She has done so many projects since this but unfortunately a lot of people only remember the big fights she has gotten into while on The View.

Madonna - Ma Mordabito


Madonna was doing a lot of movies in the late eighties early nineties. This would have been before she developed a British accent! She is still touring and releasing new music fairly regularly.

Lori Petty - Kit Keller


Lori Petty was great as Kit, the troubled pitcher. While she was a pretty big star in the ‘90s, she seemed to disappear from the public eye once the 2000s hit. Her career has jump started again recently, and you might recognize her from Orange is the New Black where she has been playing Lolly Whitehill.

Geena Davis - Dottie Hinson

Geena Davis is just so great. She has been in so many classic movies as well as a bunch of recent hits. There is nothing she can't do! Most recetly she was in the TV show version of The Exorcist and just finished filming a couple movies. Did you know last year she filmed a commercial wearing her old Peaches uniform?

Tom Hanks - Jimmy Dugan


I don't know that Tom Hanks needs much explanation. He is obviously one of the biggest stars in the world and just universally loved.

Some of the cast joined together to play softball together last year. It was so fun to see them in Peaches uniforms again!

Can you believe it's been 25 years since this movie came out?

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