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8 Movies We Forgot Had The Most Incredible Soundtracks

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Next time you watch your favorite movie, close your eyes and imagine if there was no background music. I'm sure it would be awful, right?

A great movie soundtrack effortlessly blends into the background and perfectly weaves the storyline together. Sometimes the characters don't need to say anything, the song does all the talking.

It's a powerful tool, and if it's well done, these soundtracks will go down in history, even if the movie isn't as loved as it used to be.

Here are 8 movies that have an incredible soundtrack. You're going to be making a new music playlist in no time!

1. Pretty In Pink

Thirty years later, this '80s flick has stood the test of time and outshone all the other coming-of-age romance movies out there. It's all thanks to the movie's screenwriter, John Hughes, who happens to also have a knack for putting together great soundtracks for his movies. In Pretty In Pink, you can hear a beautiful blend of songs that you make you want to jump up and down and also cry in a corner.

2. The Pianist

The movie is based on the life of Polish-Jewish pianist and composer Wladyslaw Szpilman, so it's not a surprise that the movie's soundtrack is full of exquisite classical music. It's not just Szpilman's beautiful compositions that bring tears to our eyes, it's the way director Roman Polanski places the songs in the narrative that make you appreciate this soundtrack even more.

3. Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino's film contains a mix of rock and roll, surf music, pop, and soul songs. If we didn't hear "Misirlou" by Dick Dale & The Del Tones in the 1994 classic film, would we have loved the song as much? But then again, the song really added something special to the movie.

4. The Lion King

Disney movies in general have incredible soundtracks, but The Lion King definitely beats all of them. It's the most well-known Disney movie in the world, and if someone hasn't seen the movie, they at least know all the words to at least one of their songs.

You probably forgot about these next masterpieces!

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