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It's Almost Been 30 Years Since They Shrunk, But What Do The Kids Look Like Now?

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids is one of those classic movies that just completely swept us away into a crazy world that somehow became believable. Suddenly we all dreamed about eating that giant cookie and assumed our neighbors had shrink rays in their attics.

The fact that this ridiculous concept worked so well is probably due to the acting. Sure, we all know that Rick Moranis is a super star and we wish he would come back to acting, but the kids held their own and helped make the movie what it was.

Ever wonder what happened to the kids post-shrinking? Now that they are all back to normal size, let's see what happened to them!

Amy O'Neill - Amy Szalinski

Amy O'Neil had been in quite a bit before getting involved in Honey, I Shrunk The Kids and has continued acting. She appeared in the sequel Honey, I Blew Up The Kid, before a long gap in her acting career. She was off between 1994-2008 but came back for one short movie before going back into retirement.  

She has actually become a performer for a Los Angeles based performance art community and does circus-style acts.

Robert Oliveri - Nick Szalinski

He appeared in Edward Scissorhands as well as the sequel Honey I Blew Up The Kid but after that he decided acting just wasn't for him.

He went to school in Georgia then moved to Florida with his wife and two kids. He stays out of the spotlight completely, no one has seen him in years!

But what about the kids from next door?

Thomas Wilson Brown - Little Russ Thompson

The boy next door probably regretted going to the neighbors' house after this! But the actor himself is still acting quite a bit!

He was in the TV show Knots Landing, he had a part in Sun Records and has just finished up a couple other movies that are due out next year.

Jared Rushton - Ron Thompson

You probably recognize him but you don't know why right? Well he was actually in a lot of your favorite movies from the 80s! Not only was he in Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, but he was also in the Tom Hanks classic Big as his best friend Billy, and also Overboard as one of Kurt Russell's sons!

He hasn't acted since 2000, as he has moved into the music industry. He has been in a couple bands including Deal By Dusk and Withdrawal.

It's best not to think about the fact that this movie is getting close to 30 years old, and instead just remember the good times! Remember when they rode ants? What fun... We aren't all getting older... It's all an illusion!

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