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Hanson Is Back With A New Christmas Song That Will Have You MMMBoppin' Around The Christmas Tree

We all remember the MMMBop as if we heard it yesterday. To be fair, a lot of us probably listened to it yesterday. The 90s classic was a huge part of our childhood even though the words they were saying made basically no sense at all. It didn't matter, because we loved Hanson and wanted to listen the song regardless of what they were talking about.

Well, now that classic 90s spirit is back just in time for Christmas! Hanson has released a brand new Christmas song that will have you MMMBoppin' around the Christmas tree in no time. They just debuted the video and it's everything you want it to be. It even includes clips from the Christmas special they made 20 years ago!

Hanson spoke with EW, telling them how they came to create this little time capsule of Christmas. “We did that Christmas special 20 years ago with ABC, so we’re kind of pivoting off from that point,” the band said. “We sort of take you through [the past] and a little today, performing music like it’s from a Christmas special, and imagining what each of those eras looked like celebrating Christmas. It’s like time travel.”

The band was asked if they would make another Christmas album and they decided that it was finally the right time, hence the title of their new song...

The band is celebrating their 25th anniversary. They said that "we can't do anything without thinking about the future. People ask us how we stay together as a band, and that's really, I think, the whole source of it: the future, the next thing, the next song, the next project. That's our game. That's what we're in it for."


They will be performing their new Christmas album, "Finally It's Christmas" live in Los Angeles, which you can find details for here.  But if you'd rather just listen to that great music by your own Christmas tree, it's available now on Amazon for less than $10!

Get a sneak preview at what's in store with this great new song! It's so cute to see clips of their original special mixed in, you've got to see it!

Will you be adding this to your Christmas playlist?