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Hanson Says We've All Been Singing MMMBop Wrong Since The 90s

There are a few songs that managed to become burned into our memories even if you don't actually remember listening to the song. Hanson's MMMBop is one of those songs.

Sure, it was filled up with nonsense, but it was one of those ear-worms that worked its way in and then set up shop. It doesn't really matter how many years have passed, as soon as MMMBop comes onto a speaker you are going to start singing along.

The problem is, Hanson says we have been singing it wrong for all these years?!


The Hanson brothers are all grown up now and even though they released the song when they were between 11-16, they are proud to carry it around with them.

The oldest Hanson brother, Isaac, is now 36 years old. If that doesn't make you feel old enough keep in mind he was only 16 when MMMBop was everywhere. His brothers Taylor and Zac are 34 and 31 respectively.

The single MMMBop was released all the way back in 1997. It actually spent 3 weeks as the number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100.

Since then, they have managed to grow up, get married and launch an entirely different type of career all because of the success of their debut album. Middle of Nowhere sold over 16 million copies and afforded them the opportunity to fund their beer company which has the best name ever: MMMHops.

These boys obviously have a sense of humor!

They also have some interesting little tidbits that totally caught us off guard. They let us all in on the fact that they realized that everyone has been singing the chorus to their most famous song wrong since 1997 and it's time to put an end to it.

It's one of those songs you thought you knew, all the words are gibberish so does it even really matter? Well apparently to the boys who made the song, it does.

The Hanson brothers wanted to clarify the lyrics to the song during an appearance on an Australian show. They were on Kyle & Jackie O In The Morning when they dropped this bomb.

"Too many people put a 'wop' in there. What happens is people go to sing that song, and they start making it up as if it's nonsense. But it's actually a repetitive part." Zac told the radio hosts.

What? There's no 'wop'?! Well fine then.

They sang the hook out so people would know what they meant:

"Mmmbop, ba duba dop/ Ba du bop, ba duba dop/ Ba du bop, ba duba dop/ Ba du, yeah/ Mmmbop, ba duba dop/ Ba du bop, ba du dop/ Ba du bop, ba du dop/ Ba du, yeah..."

Okay, so there are no "Wops" in there. They showed us. Now, will it actually stop us from singing the non-existent Wops? Nope, I feel like that's going to be impossible to change.

At least they did explain that MMMBop is a measure of time. Zac said that "The whole song is about the fact that almost everything in your life will come and go very quickly," he said. "You've got to figure out what matters and grab onto those things."

Hanson is actually on tour right now, so if you want to go attempt to sing the song properly you absolutely should go buy tickets now.

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