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Grease Stars Reunite On Stage, And It Was Electrifying

There are some movies that will just live on forever, and Grease is most definitely in that category. The John Travolta and Olivia Newton John musical about teenagers in the 50s is just the quintessential high school movie and probably will never be topped.

Its been nearly 40 years since Grease came out, but the cast is still pretty close. At the DVD release party back in 2002, Olivia Newton John was having performing when she decided to invite her good buddy John Travolta up on stage to sing with her.

Clearly they still know all the words to their hit song "You're The One That I Want", and while Travolta seemed a little nervous that he might be rusty he clearly had a great time with it.

Newton John hinted earlier this year that she and Travolta have been discussing a reunion to mark the 40th anniversary. She didn't specify what they would be doing but she said that "We are thinking up ways."

They even invited the rest of the cast that were at the event to join them and they sang "Summer Nights" as a group.

Do you still remember all the words? I would watch this movie on repeat when I was a kid and could probably just recite the entire thing. Absolute classic, it would be interesting to see what they would do together!

Would you be into a possible reunion of the cast if they did it or should they just let it be what it was? Let us know in the comments!