10 Plot Holes From "Friends" You Totally Missed

So no one told you life was gonna be this way...or maybe they did, but then three season later they totally changed their minds and fed you lies.

There were a number of plot holes in the show Friends, and even if you didn't like the show (because you hate happiness), then bask in your bitterness and laugh at their mistakes.

1. Ross's Allergies


In The One With The Baby On The Bus, it's established that Ross is allergic to kiwi, peanuts, and shellfish. However, seven seasons later, in The One With The Blind Dates, Ross gets free crab cakes after being stood up on a blind date "set-up" by Phoebe and Joey. He eats the crab cakes and doesn't die. So either the allergy subsided, or one the writers wasn't taking diligent enough notes.

2. Phoebe's Taffy

In The One With The Birthing Video, Phoebe tries saltwater taffy for the first time, and can't decided if it's gum or candy. But if you'll recall, in The One With The Chicken Pox, Phoebe says she met her Navy boyfriend (played by Charlie Sheen, for whom chicken pox are the least of his concerns) after he dropped saltwater taffy in her guitar case. So what is the truth?

3. Phoebe's Birthday


In The One With Frank Jr., Phoebe says her birthday is on February 16th. However, in The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner, reservations are made for October 31st because there's no tables available in early November, which is when she says her birthday is. Now, could this all be an elaborate plan by Phoebe herself to celebrate her birthday all the time? No. It's a mistake.

4. Ross's Sexual Partners


Ross usually says (whines) that Carol was the first woman he slept with, but in season seven, Chandler reveals that Ross slept with their college cleaning lady. Sounds like Ross just wanted another reason to gripe about something (sorry not sorry).

5. The Twins


Alright listen, we can blame Erica all we want for being dumb and not realizing there were twins inside of her body...but Monica and Chandler SAW the ultrasound! You're telling me that not ONCE did they hear from any doctor that they were having twins? I don't buy it.

6. Chandler's Tears


There's literally an entire episode called The One Where Chandler Can't Cry, which establishes that Chandler's tear ducts are about as dry as Betty White's ovaries, and yet, in the final episode of the series, Monica says Chandler cried at the six o'clock news. I'm on to you, Bing.

7. Joey's Air Quotes


When Joey apologizes to Ross for having feelings for Rachel (because apparently she is OWNED by Ross and everyone requires express-written consent to love her), we are lead to believe that he doesn't understand air quotes. However, he's used them successfully throughout the entire series, so maybe he was just lying to Ross so he could say "I'm Sorry" without actually meaning it.

8. Green vs Greene


When Ross mails out Rachel's wedding invitation, her last name is written as "Greene", which is wrong...it should be Green. Rachel Greene was a character on ER. This one may not be an error, though. It's well-known that Emily hated Rachel (for good reason), so maybe this was her way of slighting the woman that would ultimately ruin her marriage.

9. Chandler and Rachel


Chandler and Rachel meet "for the first time" on three separate occasions. First, it's when Rachel runs into the coffee shop after Julia Roberts-ing her own wedding. Then, it's during The One With The Flashback when they're all in the bar that ended up becoming Central Perk. Then it's in The One With All The Thanksgivings. Neither of them are forgettable people, so it's weird that it would take (at least) three introductions for it to stick.

10. Moving Toilet


In The One With The Kips, Joey is up in the middle of the night when he hears Monica and Chandler sneaking around. They convince him it's just early in the morning, which he's never experienced. Before he "goes to watch the sunrise," Joey heads to the bathroom to brush his teeth, where he promptly falls asleep on the toilet. In the later seasons, the toilet has been moved to the other side of the bathroom.

Can you think of any other mistakes?