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A 'Friday The 13th' Reboot Might Be In The Works, Again

You'd be hard-pressed to find a modern horror franchise more iconic than Friday The 13th. Alongside its peers in the Halloween and Nightmare on Elm St. franchises, the multi-movie horror series was one of the biggest names in the "slasher" genre for decades.

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The movies focus on undead killer Jason Voorhees (except in the first movie, where his mother's the killer), who wanders around in his signature hockey mask (that he only gets in the third movie), stalks the promiscuous teenagers who frequent Camp Crystal Lake, and brutally murders them. It's a simple formula, but man did it work.


The franchise yielded a whopping 10 mainline movies, during which Jason went to Manhattan, Hell, and ultimately, space (because of course he went into space). Not only that, but he even took on other famed horror villain Freddy Krueger in Freddy Vs. Jason, and WON.

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However, the last time we heard from the masked murderer was in 2009, when Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes company released a remake of the original movie, simply titled Friday the 13th. It was, as a coworker described it, "literally the worst Friday the 13th movie, and we live in a world where Jason X happened."

Yeah, this was a thing.New Line Cinema

Well, it looks like Jason might be due to rise again, as Universal has been dropping some hints at a return to the franchise...

Blumhouse Productions, the production company behind franchises like Insidious, Paranormal Activity, Ouija, and The Purge have announced a trio of dates for upcoming film releases, one of which moved from Sept. 6, 2019 to Dec. 13, 2019... which happens to be Friday the 13th.


This would normally not be a big deal, except for the fact that studio head Jason Blum had previously answered a question about which franchise he'd like to tackle next, and he answered it with; "You know, I really wanted to do Friday The 13th. I would love to do that movie. Maybe someday we’ll get do to that one."

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Of course it could just be a coincidence, as the rights to the franchise are currently being fought over in a lawsuit, with scriptwriter Victor Miller, who scripted the original film and created many of its characters, claiming ownership of the franchise. The suit would need to be settled before another could be made.