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10 Movies You Always Have To Explain To Your Friends, Even Though You Remember Them Clear As Day

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We all have movies that we watched over and over when we were kids, but for some reason it seems like our friends don't remember them. Why is it that these movies made such a big impact on us when they don't acknowledge that they used to watch them? Are they ashamed of how awesome our childhood favorites were? Because they are nothing short of epic.

These movies are some of the best of best, even though many people claim they can't remember watching them. If you can remember these classics then you are the coolest of your friends.

1. We're Back

Universal Pictures

Sure, Jurassic Park will always be remembered as the top dinosaur movie ever made, but for a lot of us this cartoon classic was way more fun. The characters are fun, the plot is dramatic (but not as scary), and everything turns out okay. I mean, sure, there is still a character who dies, but let's not focus on that right now.

2. Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland

Hemdale Film Corporation

If you ever find yourself wanting to yell the word "pajama" over and over, then you probably remember this weird movie. Based on an old comic, Little Nemo takes an adventure that is hard to forget. It's definitely a weird one, so if you are going to go give it a try you should brace yourself.

3. A Troll in Central Park

Warner Bros.

A troll with a green thumb comes to Central Park, and has the ability to make flowers appear and apparently Queen Gnorga is not happy about it. It's a dramatic story and don't worry, they aren't those trolls. No bejeweled bellybuttons here!

4. The Swan Princess

New Line Cinema

It's kind of like a frog prince situation, only that she turns into a swan every day. The moonlight turns her back into a princess, as long as she is on her lake. There's a bit of a mistaken identity situation where the prince confesses he loves her but it's too late and she dies. Don't worry though, only for a minute.

5. Short Circuit

TriStar Pictures

This 80s classic carried forward for years, and being able to watch it as a kid was a real treat. Whether it was the original where we first meet Number 5, or in the sequel where he gets the name Johnny 5 and takes on the big city, all of it is amazing.

Those aren't the only amazing movies that people keep forgetting about...

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