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6 Fishy Facts From "Finding Nemo" That Will Make You Just Keep Swimming

Immersed In Movies

You may have a pretty decent memory, but have you forgotten that Pixar's Finding Nemo came out nearly 15 years ago in 2003?

The now classic film about a father in search of his kidnapped son has become of the most popular movies of the new millennium. With its complex, emotional plot line, it captured our hearts in a net that we couldn't es-cap-ay!

If you loved this movie from the deep blue sea, then check out these awesome facts - they're a real catch!

Father Figure

The story was originally written by Andrew Stanton, who based the plot on his own over-protective nature. He has loved marine life from an early age and wanted to use it to tell the story of a father learning to raise his son in the best way, even if that means taking risks.

"You had me at..."

Leading the studio through an in-depth presentation about the themes, plot line, and reasons why families everywhere would love the movie, Stanton hoped to impress the chief creative officer, John Lasseter. All Lasseter said was "You had me at 'fish.'"

Good Boy

The art team actually brought in dogs to base the facial expressions of the sharks on. Probably a good idea, as sharks aren't known for their expressive appearance.

If you think fish are friends, not food, then keep reading!

True To Form

In order to properly capture the dramatic scenery, all the animators were required to attend lectures on marine life and study what they were drawing. That's what gives the movie it's breathtaking scenery!

Mr. Grumpy Gills

If you were a little put off by the ringleader of the dentist tank, that's probably because he was originally supposed to play a mysterious bad guy, but the writers felt that it may by too confusing for audiences.

Righteous, dude...

Writer and director Stanton offered his voice to the turtle-guide, Crush. To get the proper feel for the relaxed character, Stanton recorded all his lines while lying on a couch. Whoa...

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