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Disney's Given Us Our First Glimpse Of 'The Incredibles 2' And It Gave Us All The Feelings

Since they exploded onto the film scene with Toy Story back in 1995, Pixar has been at the absolute forefront of animated movies, churning out absolute classic after absolute classic, year after year (and sometimes Cars movies when they need to make that sweet, sweet advertising bank).


While their first couple of movies were all classics in their own right, most people agree that where the studio really started to hit their stride and come into their own was with 2004's The Incredibles. The story of a family of superheroes who have to come back into action when the world is threatened by a new villain, The Incredibles introduced us to an amazingly creative world full of cool superpowers, creative action, and most of all, hilarious jokes.


Written and directed by former The Simpsons writer and The Iron Giant director Brad Bird, and starring huge names like Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jason Lee, the movie raked in over $250 million at the box office and won two Oscars, including the coveted Best Animated Picture. This ultimately left fans with only one question: "So when are we getting Incredibles 2?"


Turns out, the answer was "not for a long time!" Between Bird working on other projects and Pixar working on making one of the largest catalogs of animated movies in history, the project was often talked about but never actually worked on for years after the first film was released.

However, it looks like that's about to change: The Incredibles 2 is really happening, and not only is there a teaser trailer, but Disney's given us our first look at the return of the Parr family.

Originally announced as in the conceptual stages in 2014, Disney finally revealed a month ago that The Incredibles 2 will be hitting theaters on June 15, 2018. That's less than a year away! Not only that, but the announcement came along with an adorable teaser trailer, focusing on baby Jack Jack and his developing powers.

This was already plenty to get hyped about, but you'd be foolish to think that Disney would just stop there. The media giant recently took to their Twitter account to give us the first shot of the entire Parr family from the new movie, all suited up and ready to do battle with evil.

It's not much, but man is it ever enough to get us excited for what's in store for our favorite heroes.

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