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What Your Favorite Scented Marker Smell Says About You

Back in the 90s, the Mr. Sketch Scented Marker set was pretty much THE school supply that every kid needed to have. It wasn't enough that they came in an array of beautiful, bright colors, but they even SMELLED amazing!

Of course, everybody had a favorite out of the set of 12, and there were some really bitter playground arguments about which one was the best. In reality there isn't really a "best," but whichever one is your favorite probably says a lot about you as a person. Read on to find out what!

Black - Black Licorice


Satan, is that you? I kid, but seriously, was this ever anyone's actual favorite?

Brown - Cinnamon


Fall is probably your favorite season, and you've owned a pair of Uggs at least once in your life.

Red - Cherry


You definitely enjoy partaking in some "substances" when you're at home.

Fuscia - Bubblegum


You still bring out your high school yearbook at get-togethers, so you can remember "the good old days."

Pink - Cotton Candy


Any alcoholic drink you have needs to be a neon color and likely has more sugar than booze.

Haven't seen your favorite smell yet? Keep scrolling!

Orange - Orange

Hale Groves

You very likely have a future career as an investment banker, or an accountant.

Yellow - Lemon

Health Pro

Nothing satisfies you quite as much as a tidy house and a well-organized sock drawer.

Green - Mint


You're a morning person, to the point that you try to get everyone around you to be morning people.

Dark Green - Apple

Organic Benefits

You like to think outside the box, and don't care about what other people think about you. Good for you!

Blue - Blueberry

Healthy Food Place

You were a very quiet child who kept to themselves. You may at one point or another have been left behind on a field trip because the teacher missed you.

Purple - Grape

Indiana Public Media

You kept a journal, a secret hidden journal, a LiveJournal, a Myspace page, and a book of personal poetry and/or songs. All at the same time.

Light Blue - Blue Raspberry Lemonade

Good Cook

You tattled on other kids when you were in daycare, and didn't feel the slightest bit bad about it.

Which scent was your favorite?