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12 Facts About 'Flashdance' That Will Make You Go 'She's A Maniac!'

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During the dance movie craze of the 80s, there were plenty of titles you could choose from: Dirty Dancing, Saturday Night Fever, and Footloose all ushered in a genre that we previously had no idea we totally wanted.

One of the most iconic entries in the genre was 1983's Flashdance, a movie which made every girl cut the collars off their sweatshirts and decide to invest in spandex and dance lessons, while making every guy in the audience fall in love with Jennifer Beals. Based on the astonishing amount of money the movie's made over the years, chances are that if you're reading this, you already love the movie. BUT, did you know these facts about it?

Jennifer Beals's iconic sweatshirt was a total accident.


Beals had brought the shirt from home, only to find out that it had shrunk in the wash without her knowledge. She had to cut the collar off just to fit her head through it.

The dancing was actually done by multiple different people.


Jennifer Beals didn't actually do any of the dancing scenes herself. Dancer Marine Jahan was her body double for all the dancing scenes, and even appeared in the video for "Maniac."  Alex's leap through the air in the audition scene was also done by gymnast Sharon Shapiro, and the break-dancing was done by Crazy Legs.

The person who the movie is based on kinda got ripped off.

The National

The movie is based on the life of construction worker-turned-dancer Maureen Marder, who was paid a lump sum of $2,300 by Paramount and given no claim to the rights or royalties. The movie went on to gross over $150 million. Ouch.

The theme song was written in a few minutes.

Singer Irene Cara literally wrote the lyrics to "What A Feeling" while in a car on her way to the studio to record it. It went on to win an Oscar.

The video release actually boosted ticket sales.


Paramount tried an experiment with the movie's home video release; they released it while the movie was still playing in some theaters. Analysts thought that this would tank ticket sales, but it turned out that seeing it on video made people clamor to see it in theaters.

The facts just get more surprising from here...

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