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Here's What Enrique Iglesias Has Been Up To Since He Became Our Hero, Baby

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Enrique Iglesias is without a doubt one of the most nostalgic voices from our younger days, and even hearing those opening verses will send you into a tailspin down memory lane.

Most of us started getting to know the singer in 2001, with the release of his Escape album, with award-winning radio hits like "Hero," "Don't Turn Off The Lights," and "Escape."

Enrique has been no stranger to industry triumph, having over 150 number-one hits across all the Billboard charts,including five Billboard Hot 100 top five singles.

In his personal life too, he has had much to be proud of. He has kept his relationship with professional tennis athlete Anna Kournikova together for 16 years, saying, "I've never really thought marriage would make a difference."

He recently announced he has become the father of twins after the couple's pregnancy was successfully kept secret for the past nine months.

Enrique is no stranger to keeping his personal life enshrouded in mystery, and he has more than a few secrets behind those dark, brown eyes...

One strange aspect of his personal life is the fact that after 16 years, Enrique's father has never met his partner, Anna. While apparently there is no hard feelings between the two, it speaks volumes of the independent spirit of Enrique as a person and an artist.

Since the release of Escape, the artist has put out 8 more albums, each to huge success in their respective North American and Hispanic markets.

But he has also dipped his toes in other areas. Producing music for other singer-songwriters, starring in commercials, and even co-producing a Broadway play! His acting career has included side parts in Once Upon a Time in Mexico,Two and a Half Men, and How I Met Your Mother.

Throughout his life, Enrique has dedicated himself to charity work and humanitarian causes, supporting organizations and projects such as Habitat For Humanity, Special Olympics, and the Salvation Army.

Now that his family has grown, we expect him to take some time away from the spotlight, but we know we'll see our favorite Spanish crooner back on stage in no time!

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