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10 Pictures That Will Make Us Want To Go Back To Elementary School

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There are things that make you cringe when you think back to elementary school, like your awful haircuts or your tacky fashion sense, but there are also moments that you wish you could time travel back to.

Here are 10 images that will make you miss elementary school. These images will have you also missing the simple times of the '80s, '90s, or early '00s.  

10. Do you remember when walking into a place like this made your heart flutter with excitement?

It's the same feeling you had when you saw your crush. A trip to Dave & Buster's or any other arcade place was always a good time.

Also, this was the only reason that you'd go to Walmart with your parents and not have to beg to stay home.  

9. The books at the Scholastic book fair were okay, but the school supplies and other cute things were the best.  

And you always bought these, because they always tended to disappear.

Even though these erasers could barely erase a faint pencil mark.

8. Gym class.

These pinnies smelt really bad though. You just hope the sweat of the winning team will rub on you.

Also, the parachute game was the best. If you were the cat in the 'cat and mouse game', even better.  

I know that image below opens the floodgates for some of the best memories of your life, even though you almost lost a finger.

7. At the time it seemed annoying that teachers forced you to become friends with people, but that's how we met some of our best friends.

6. Valentine's Day was either heartbreaking, heartwarming, or led you to develop a new crush.

Sometimes you got one that only made sense to your parents.

5. Passing notes.

Texting is not as fun as passing notes because it requires little creativity. When you wrote a note, you tried to disguise the writing or make it cryptic so that only the reader would understand it. Also, you had to get creative on how to pass it without getting caught. It was all fun and games until the teacher read the note to the class.

4. You painted your first "Mona Lisa" with this:

3. The first time you got "high" in school.

2. Lunchtime and recess was probably the highlight of your day.

If you had Lunchables, which contained a main course, a drink, and a delicious desert, you were the envy of the class.

1. Indoor classroom games.

'Seven Up' was considered the best indoor game, but there was too much cheating. Everyone watched your feet, so it was nearly impossible to go a second round if you were chosen to touch thumbs first.

Which memory from elementary school makes you want to hop inside a time travel machine?