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8 Memories We All Have From Elementary School Lunch Time


Elementary school lunches were something that I will never forget. I have no idea why they were so memorable, but they are what I remember most from school.

1. Halloween trade-off.

Ah November 1st, National Candy Trade-Off Day. This was the one day a year that every kid would come to school with a lunch box full of candy, and whatever your mom packed you underneath it, which did not matter. If you were smart, you brought all the candy you got from the night before that you hated. Everyone traded off, and the best candy went to the highest bidder.

Now, this doesn't happen often but if there was a kid in your class that liked black licorice, you were set.

2. You knew what was on sale.

Ever have those times where you look in your lunch and see something awesome that your mom usually doesn't buy for lunches? And you just think to yourself, "Wow, does my mom ever love me." Then you take it out of your lunch box and look around to see the whole class has the exact same item. Yeah, your mom wasn't doing something special, there was just a sale at the grocery store.

3. The classroom turned into a full blown auction.

There was always one kid in class that brought disgustingly unhealthy food everyday, and the rest of the class was insanely jealous. He would use this to his advantage and get like four ham sandwiches and an apple for Dunkaroos. For some reason every class had an appointment auctioneer that would stand on a chair when the teacher left the room and get everyone to auction off their food.

4. The school didn't care what they served you for hot lunches.

There was pizza Friday's, hot dog days, and I even remember we had an occasional McDonald's day. Schools literally served us anything and everything unhealthy. Now, I don't really know what they serve kids but it's probably disgustingly healthy and vegan or something.

5. There was zero health-value at all and it was awesome.

Elementary school lunches were always unhealthy, even when they were healthy, they weren't really. Everything from Wagon Wheels, Fruit Roll-Ups, and the worst of all... Lunchables. At the time, Lunchables were the best lunch you could ever receive, but thinking about it now, why did our parents let us eat plastic cheese for lunch. I recently payed a visit to the Lunchables website, and saw that they now have organic options. I feel like that is so wrong and disgraceful to our childhood.

6. Getting a sugar rush from chugging syrup in canned peaches.

Remember those canned fruits everyone had in their lunches? Okay, now remember chugging the syrup in the can and feeling the pure rush of the sugar entering your body? Also, every time you had one of these in your lunch, you were sure to come home with a stain on your shirt because it was impossible to open one of these without spilling the syrup a little bit.

7. A fruit gusher burrito.

This combination was only for the hardcore kids in the class. They would lay a fruit roll-up on their desk then put a whole pack of fruit gushers on it then roll it all up together and eat it. This was disgusting to watch and their mouths were always bright blue when they were done. No matter how disgusting it was, you were also kind of jealous that wasn't you.

8. Praying it was a rain day so your lunch got extended and you didn't have to stand outside.

There was something about getting to have recess inside on a gloomy day that made it awesome. It felt like a long lunch and you didn't have to spend your recess hiding in the bathroom to avoid the cold outside.

School lunch time was the absolute best. This is irrelevant but from grades five to nine I had a ham sandwich everyday for lunch, my mom tried to feed me other things but I refused. Anybody else have school lunch stories?