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11 Photos Of Your Teen Crushes That Will Make You Question Your Choices

I know, I know, times have changed. Fashion is different, hairstyles are different, and what counts as "dreamy" is obviously very, very different.

But here's the thing, when you look back and remember all the things you used to be obsessed with, the posters that you used to have on your wall, and boys you used to think were your true loves you might find yourself cringing a little bit.

Sure, those frosted tips may have been appealing at the time, and all of those mesh shirts may have been the ideal, but when you see it now... oh boy.

These dreamboats may still be just as dreamy as ever now, but they may be regretting these particular photo shoots.

1. Justin's cornrows

Justin Timberlake
16 Magazine

Alright JT... I know you've come a long way but wow.

I don't even know where to start, but I think we have to discuss those cornrows. I know there were a lot of people doing it at the time, but seriously, bud? Don't.

The bandanna/headband thing is also on another level. It's not just a pattern, it's literally studded with those little metal bumps because that's what you want right?

He's sporting some very shiny diamond earrings, which I guess is fair because he was (and still is) very rich, but oh boy.

2. Erik's swim-fresh hair

Erik Von Detten

So hair gel was a thing.... Remember that?

It was not just a thing, it was THE thing. It didn't seem to matter if you had long hair or short hair, because chances are you were going to dump half a bottle of hair gel in there regardless.

It's I guess ideal to just look like your hair is fresh out of the shower, as long as no one touches it because I can only imagine how gross and crunchy it was.

3. 98 Degrees' space suits

98 degrees in concert

There's apparently nothing more desirable than a big, bulky, shiny space suit.

Can you imagine how warm they were in this? They are on stage, they are clearly dancing, and yet in these giant tinfoil sweatsuits they remain, wrapped like bunch of baked potatoes.

I assume that underneath those layers they are just a swamp level of sweaty.

4. David Beckham's matching leather

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham
Steve Wood/ REX

I know that some people like to wear matching outfits with their spouse, or at least make sure that they are not clashing, but this is a level of commitment that I don't think a lot of people would have.

The leather jackets with matching leather pants makes them both look like they are ready to go to a biker bar, but honestly, I don't think they would even fit in there. It's too much.

5. Whatever Nick Carter is doing here

Nick Carter
Super Pop

Disclaimer: I have a hard time believing anyone thought this specific picture was dreamy, but it's too good to leave out.

The mushroom cut is, of course, the star of this photo and the 90s in general. It seemed like everyone had a mushroom cut at one point or another, but Nick's really was iconic.

Now, of course we need to discuss the rose... But really what can you say about it? It's a choice that was made, but who knows why.

I think the cherry on top is the position of his hand. It looks broken and disconnected at this point, but seeing as how he was probably still a teenager when they took this picture we'll give him a pass I guess.

6. Jordan Knight's vest without a shirt

Jordan Knight
Teen Beat

The New Kids On The Block member was the one most girls were obsessed with, but the pictures we had of him were... well, this.

Proudly sporting a red plaid vest with no shirt underneath, and giving us his best sexy expression, who can help but fall in love.

His hair looks as though it's roughly a foot tall which probably requires a heck of a lot of Aquanet.

7. When *NSYNC wore bathrobes to perform

Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect

I know it's supposed to be a fur coat. Or at least I think that's what they are going for...

But seriously, just look at it and tell me you see anything other than a bathrobe. If you do I will call you out for your blatant lies.

To be honest, all I can see when I look at this is this particular scene from Spice World.

Spice World
Columbia Pictures

8. A.J.'s Crop Top... and the rest of this photo

Backstreet Boys

This is all just a lot. You need a minute to absorb it all but here we go. Let's start on the right and work our way over.

Nick: What are you doing? This leather vest with gloves combination is absolutely wild, and pulling an Erik Von Detten on your hair is not helping.

A.J.: Oh, boy. What even is going on here? I can't not address the crop top. I mean, I am all for people wearing what they are comfortable in, but your sleeves look like chain mail armor and it's just a very weird look that my brain cannot process.

Kevin: Your shirt is shinier than the pool of grease that Nick's hair has accumulated.

Howie: I can't really see what you have going on there, so you get away with it this time.

Brian: Why do you need so many belts? Also, are you wearing a Kevlar vest? Are you under attack?

9. Nick's wool overalls

Nick Lachey
16 Magazine

I'm happy to rock a pair of overalls, I wore them in the 90s, and I still wear them now, but a pair of wool overalls? wow.

Nick Lachey was a big fan of the overalls, but at least he wore a shirt (however small) this time. He often just did the whole no shirt with one strap undone thing. It was a look, not necessarily a good one, but it was a look.

The hair though... If you didn't have a mushroom cut, you had the flat with the front spiked up look. He of course had the frosted tips to match. Good job.

10. Rider Strong's suspenders

Rider Strong

Oh, how I hope he was doing a themed photo-shoot and this just wasn't what he thought looked cool...

We all know Rider Strong from his role as the wonderful and dreamy Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World, so we would scoop up any posters available. Unfortunately, his bad-boy persona didn't translate well in pictures I guess.

His mushroom cut looks nice and full though, so I guess that's a positive.

11. Robert Downey Jr. in full on rave wear

I know that he may have been a little old for us at the time, but some of our moms thought he was so cute when he was on Ally McBeal, and honestly, you can't leave this out.

The shiny pants, the shiny jacket, the sequin (I think) top, all goes so well with those purple sunglasses that you just know he's going to become one of the highest paid actors ever in one of the most successful franchises ever.

Lookin' good Tony Stark. Honestly, of anyone in the world, you might be the only person who has the confidence to pull this off.

Do any of these bring back any memories for you?

Seriously though, *NSYNC made some of the most insane fashion choices. I really don't know how we all thought they looked so cool, but we really did.

But what do all those dreamy heartthrobs look like now? It's been a long time but a lot of them have been aging like a fine wine.

Whoever comes up with the ideas for those teen magazine photoshoots might just be evil. They know they are ridiculous right? But they still make them do it anyways...

Source - Billboard