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10 Dolls You Absolutely Had To Have When You Were A Kid Because TV Told You So

We all remember the popular dolls like Barbie and Cabbage Patch Kids, but they weren't the only dolls that we were obsessed with when we were kids. There were a lot of dolls that were totally rad but seemed to have been forgotten in the past.

Whether they are made as promotional items or as an attempt to follow the trends, the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of strange dolls out there. How many of these do you remember?

1. Those eyebrows wouldn't have been done justice on a regular Barbie

No one has better eyebrows than Brooke Shields, so in order to capture it properly they had to make her own doll! And it was the "Most Glamorous Teenage Doll" in the world apparently, at least according to the box.

2. The boy band that helped launch Ricky Martin's career even ended up with their own dolls

This wasn't the only doll that Ricky Martin had made in his likeness either. Years later he would get another, but it didn't have this super cool shirt!

3. Who didn't love this show?

She was the best kid on TV at the time, and this cuddly little doll was on everyone's Christmas list.

4. These weren't even based on the movie, but the forgotten TV show

While I loved the show, a lot of people seem to forget it existed. But it's pretty impressive if your forgotten TV show managed to get you a Barbie made. Also, it doesn't get more 90s than those animal backpacks!

5. She was the fastest woman of all time, but now she can come home with you!

She was one of the best athletes in the world, and now you can dress her up in all kinds of fun outfits, including this weird spandex jumpsuit with only one leg.

Those aren't the only dolls you collected...

6. This makes me uneasy

Honestly, it's oddly unsettling.

7. Blossom's big brother had so many outfit options

Wow, two different flannel shirt options? So fancy!

8. You got it, dude!

She says all you favorite catch phrases like "no way Jose," "don't call me Squirt," and of course, "you got it dude!"

9. Did anyone actually want the Screech doll?

He was probably someone's favorite character, but I be they sold a lot more Kelly Kapowski and Zack Morris dolls than any of the rest!

10. So kids probably shouldn't have been watching 90210, but for some reason they made dolls anyways

The show had some pretty bizarre story lines that were targeted at teens, but weren't they a little old to collect dolls? I guess not, because these were awesome.

Which of these did you have when you were younger?