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20 Old-Fashioned Kitchen Tools Your Kids Won't Know What To Do With

Whether we are professional chefs or virtually useless in the kitchen, we've all got that one gadget we just can't live without. As technology develops, meals are made easily and in less time thanks to these helpful tools.

We've collected some of the most popular kitchen gadgets from the 1950's and beyond, but we bet kids these days won't know what to do with them! Scroll through memory lane and see if you can recognize any of these - have you used any of them? Did your mother? Let us know in the comments below!

Hazel Atlas Nut Chopper

Antique Coffee Grinder

Fry Cutter/Chipper

Shortening Cutter

Kitchen Scale

Donut Maker

Egg Slicer

Jar Opener

Electric Broiler

Ice Pet (Ice crusher)

French Potato Ricer

Milkshake Mixer

Egg Boiler

Cake Breaker

Garnishing Tools

Pie Cutter

Handy Hannah Knife Sharpener

Burger Shaper

Meat Grinder

Cocktail Mixer

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