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Disney Finally Gives Details About The Only Movie Sequel We Actually Want

It's been 13 years since the Pixar classic The Incredibles came out, and honestly, it's been too long.


They ended the movie with a new villain being introduced so obviously we all assumed we would get a sequel, but as the years passed we lost hope

When Pixar finally announced that we were getting an Incredibles 2 we all collectively lost our minds. They gave us literally no information at the time, just a movie poster but now all of that has changed!


At the 2017 D23 Disney Expo, they announced a bunch of awesome projects that we have to look forward to. We got the confirmed cast of the live action Aladdin, we got a bunch of details about the next Avengers movie, and we also got some very exciting news about Incredibles 2.


Prepare yourself, because it's pretty exciting!


So here's what we have so far:

Release date:

The scheduled release date is June 15, 2018.


Which means that on June 15th, 2018 the entire theater will be filled with adults who are WAY more excited than the kids.

Seriously, look at the reactions people are having:

The whole gang will be back in 2018, click to the next page to find out the plot of this highly anticipated sequel.

Everyone has been wondering how Incredibles 2 plans on dealing with the time difference, and it turns out it has a very simple solution: They don't.


The sequel will actually start about a minute after the first one ends. So the whole family will be facing off against the villain from the end of the original, aka The Underminer.


The other exciting news about Incredibles 2 is that the movie is going to be highly focused on Elastigirl!


The first movie obviously followed Mr. Incredible's journey back into the superhero world with his wife and kids kind of unwillingly being dragged along, but now the tables have turned.

She is a fantastic mother and will apparently be out on an adventure while Mr. Incredible stays home with Jack-Jack, their son who just started developing his crazy powers.


The voice cast will be back for the most part. The only original cast member who won't be back is the original Dash but they have recast him. Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Cowell and even Samuel L. Jackson will all be back in their super suits and it's going to be great.

One character we all hope will have a big part in the sequel is none other than Edna Mode. And judging by this hilarious little featurette Disney released over the weekend, we might be in luck.

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