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10 Discontinued Fast Food Items We Truly Wish We Could Still Order

McDonald's / Wendy's

Going to get fast food was a treat that was saved for a special occasion. It wasn't every day that we would be allowed to head on out to McDonald's or Wendy's, but when we did, it was the best.

We'd destroy a Happy Meal quicker than our parents could understand, and somehow we would still have the energy to go play in a Play Place.

The thing is, there were a lot of foods over the years that came around into the fast food world that didn't last as long as others. Sure, you can still go get a McNugget Happy Meal, but when was the last time you ate a McPizza?

These beloved favorites may not have lasted, but they remain in our hearts for all time. These were some of the best of the best that fast food restaurants had to offer us that we still miss to this day.

1. McDonald's Pizza

Let's start with the obvious one.

"McPizzas" were an absolute treasure and we deserve them back. It's been a rough couple of years, please McDonald's, do the right thing.

Whether you got a simple pepperoni pizza, or one with sausages, peppers and onions, there were no bad choices as far as the McDonald's Pizza went.

Most places stopped selling them in the 80s, but two locations held on to that pizza dream, that is, until McDonald's told them to stop in 2017. R.I.P. McDonald's Pizza, we loved you so much.

2. Taco Bell's The Bell Beefer

Taco Bell Big Beefer
Taco Bell

You know how Taco Bell always tells you to "think outside the bun"? Well, that's because the one time they tried to think inside a bun failed pretty bad.

The Bell Beefer was basically a sloppy joe made with taco meat, lettuce, onions, and mild Border Sauce.

It apparently lasted quite a while, but in the 90s they finally decided to ditch the bun and focus on their tacos.

3. Burger King's Cini-Minis

These little dessert treats were absolutely mouth watering. They were these little tiny cinnamon rolls that you'd get with your meal, and if you were lucky you wouldn't be forced to share.

Here's a tip, if they ever come back and you are with someone who claims they don't want any, they are lying, order extra.

4. McDonald's Onion Nuggets

Onion Nuggets

These only lasted a very, very brief amount of time in the late 70s, so no hard feelings if you don't remember them, but some people actually liked them apparently.

I don't know why, personally I am not even a fan of onion rings, but if you do then these bigger pieces of onions deep fried in batter is probably something you'd at least want to try once.

5. Wendy's Fresh Stuffed Pitas

These were like a salad wrapped up in a pita, and you know what, they were delicious.

The thicker pita bread used made it so much better than any of the other wraps on the market, and we honestly couldn't get enough of them.

6. Taco Bell's XXL Chalupa

Why wouldn't you want something that weighed about as much as a small child? This thing was truly XXL, and you know what, it was all we wanted.

However, it was a limited time offer and we just have to move on with our lives, Chalupa-less...

7. McDonald's Original Fries

You may be thinking, "McDonald's has delicious fries, what are you talking about" but that's probably just because you don't remember what it used to be like.

Before 1990, McDonald's actually cooked their fries in beef fat. That's right, they used a mixture of 7% cottonseed oil and 93% beef fat.

They had more fat than a burger by the time they were cooked, but oh boy did they ever taste like heaven.

Now they add in "beef flavoring" but they just don't taste the same.

8. Wendy's SuperBar

So this one isn't really a singular item, but instead Wendy's went all out with their SuperBar. You could build your own salad, you could find pasta there, and you could also build your own taco.

Honestly, it didn't really fit with the general Wendy's aesthetic, but you know what, it was delicious and they should bring it back.

9. McDonald's McDLT

Finding a way to keep the burger hot while the lettuce and tomato stay cool was tricky, but when they invented this two part styrofoam container people were thrilled. At least at first.

Eventually, the environmental impact of the large containers became very clear, and they figured it wasn't worth it.

10. Pizza Hut's P'Zone

You want a pizza-sized calzone? Don't worry, Pizza Hut has you covered. Or at least they did.

They stopped making these, but every once and a while they bring it back because they know it's all we really want.

Obviously there are a lot of foods that we wish we would still be able to get from our childhood, but at least we had the joys of experiencing them when we were still young.

Whether it's fast food we miss, or the discontinued snacks from our childhoods, food just seemed to be better back in the day...

Seriously, looking through all these snacks and foods makes me wish I had a time machine so I could go eat all of them right now.

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