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Did You Know This Crazy Movie Is Getting A Sequel?

Everyone remembers the odd-ball movie Twins right? Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito play twins who were the result of a genetic experiment but were separated at birth. Their mother didn't even know they were alive. The movie did really well even though it had a very bizarre plot and while it's been almost 30 years they are still planning a sequel.

What's the premise of this sequel? Well apparently it is currently called "Triplets". That's right, the two unlikely twins have a third brother and who do they want to play him? Eddie Murphy.

There isn't a lot known about the current plot of the movie, other than Julius (Schwarzenegger) and Vincent (DeVito) discover they have a third brother (Murphy).

They have been working on the script for this movie for a while now. Back in 2012, Josh Gad was hired to write the script but it was put on hold. Apparently the plan was for the brothers to discover they have a triplet at their mom's funeral but who knows if that will still be the plot they go with now.

Both Schwarzenegger and DeVito are reportedly going to come back for it so at least they will have the two main characters. No word on a release date though so we will just have to keep an eye out!