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Dial It Back To The Days When Everything Had A 1-900 Number

Back when phones were limited to landlines, there was an absolute influx of 1-900 numbers being advertised to people of all ages! These were numbers that for the low price of nearly a dollar a minute (at LEAST) you could call for all sorts of weird things. These 10 were especially strange.

You could call MC Hammer by dialing 1-900-909-MCMC

Or maybe you'd rather talk to the Hulkster himself?

You could always try to win money by doing simple math (which ultimately feels like a scam to me)

Nintendo had a line you could call for help with a game you were stuck on

Sierra had the same for their super complicated adventure games. They would even mail you tips!


It only gets weirder from here...

Of course Jazzy Jeff had to get in on the action

Anyone remember "The Corey Hotline" from The Simpsons? Turns out it was a real thing, with Corey Haim and Corey Feldman.

Why not call the He-Man hotline and have them tell you how to buy their toys!

Or maybe try calling FREDDY FREAKING KRUEGER?!

But of course, you could call a help line not to get someone to listen to you cry, but for them to make YOU cry

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