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10 Things You May Not Know About "Dawson's Creek"

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Twenty years ago, you couldn't find a teenager who didn't watch Dawson's Creek.

The show ran for six seasons, and was centered around the lives of a tight-knit group of friends living in Capeside, Massachusetts.  

Dawson Leery, Joey Potter, Jen Lindley, and Pacey Witter taught us valuable lessons in growing up, high school, falling in love, and finding your identity.

Here are 10 things you may have never known about one of your favorite teen shows!

1. Dawson was the last role to be cast.

Actor James Van Der Beek got the part the day before production started on the pilot. Talk about a close casting call.

Speaking of the actor, James revealed he found it difficult to watch his character on screen. Apparently it was "stressful" to watch after season three.

2. The first two seasons were based on real life.

Kevin Williamson, the show's creator, revealed that all the major plot points in the first two seasons of the show were inspired from his life, or from the life of other writers. He confessed that his family sometimes got uncomfortable watching the storylines.

3. The show was considered "racy" in the beginning.

Would a show about teen angst be relatable if it didn't contain explicit references to taboo subjects? Well, apparently for the late '90s it was a little too much. There were concerns over straightfoward references to masturbation and how the writers approached the subject of sex.

4. The Dawson Haircut was inspired by Brat Pitt.

Dawson's hair in season one was inspired by Brad Pitt's haircut in The Devil's Own. Yes, the resemblance is uncanny...

5. Pacey was going to be Dawson.

Actor Joshua Jackson auditioned for both roles, but the creators decided he was a better fit for Pacey. Imagine how different the show would have been if the roles were reversed...

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