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Crystal Pepsi is Back for the Summer

2016 is apparently the comeback year for nostalgic drinks. Everything from Orbitz, to Surge, to Ecto Cooler have all made a comeback in recent months.  Now we'll finally be able to relive 1992, complete with Crystal Pepsi. On Tuesday, PepsiCo announced that they would be bringing back the short-lived clear soda for a limited time starting August 8th. However, if you're in Canada, you can relive the sweet, sweet nostalgia almost a month sooner, starting July 11th.


There is going to be one major change to the formula this time around, as they've decided to add caffeine. Despite this, it should hopefully still have its kinda-tastes-like-Pepsi-but-not-quite flavor. And if its triumphant return isn't quite enough nostalgia for you, Pepsi will also be releasing their own Crystal Pepsi version of the Oregon Trail on July 7th. "The Crystal Pepsi Trail" will be available to play on, but you can check out the 90s-tastic trailer for it below.

Once August 8th hits, make sure you act fast. You'll only have 8 weeks to party like it's 1992 before Crystal Pepsi goes back to being nothing more than a (mostly) fond memory.