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'Crocodile Dundee' Claims To Be Back (Sort Of), But People Aren't Buying It

Everyone remembers watching Crocodile Dundee over and over when they were young, and thinking that it was the best representation of Australia imaginable. "That's not a knife, this is a knife" is still quoted to this day basically any time someone mentions the country. Well, now it's back, but not exactly how we imagined it would be.

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The original movie came out 32 years ago, and it was a great success. With all the reboots that are coming around, it would have been surprising if they left it alone. However, normally we get a bit of warning before a trailer drops but not this time!

It's such a surprise that they would just go right in for the trailer instead of letting anticipation build, and that has a lot of people think that it might be joke.

There's a lot of evidence supporting that it's fake, but the trailer is out there and we are left wondering what the heck is going on...

The trailer for Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home dropped without warning, and they are trying to convince us that it is the real deal. The so-called movie will have Danny McBride playing the son of the original Dundee, Paul Hogan.

McBride is saying that this movie will bring Paul Hogan back as well, and he's excited to share it with a new generation. "Crocodile Dundee is a film that has stood the test of time. It was a defining moment in my life and one of my proudest accomplishments. Throughout the past few years, I've been thinking about how to bring Dundee to a new generation. I'm excited to introduce the new Crocodile Dundee to the world and look forward to sharing more news about those involved very soon."

The synopsis on their website says "Crocodile Dundee is back. Well, actually, he's missing in the Outback. And the only person who might be able to find him is the loudmouthed American son no one knew he had. Introducing Danny McBride as Brian Dundee. The son of a legend is forced to channel his Aussie roots as he teams up with a local expert, Wally Jr., played by Chris Hemsworth. Together they'll embark on the ultimate adventure in the land down under. It's time to live up to the family name."

There are a bunch of pictures of the two stars, and the 45 second trailer is hard to ignore, but take a look and judge for yourself. Do you think it's real, or is it just an elaborate prank?

The most likely explanation is that it's actually just a Superbowl commercial made by Tourism Australia. It would make sense, especially given that Chris Hemsworth is one of their ambassadors.

Even though it's unlikely to be the real deal, it is still pretty well done considering! I guess we will all find out eventually.

Would you be happy if there was another Crocodile Dundee movie?