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The Most Iconic Style Trend From The Early 2000s Is Back And Everyone Is Wondering Why

Fashion and beauty seem to be cyclical in nature. Whatever was stylish at one point seems to always make its comeback. The problem is, we don't always want it to happen. The late 90s and early millennium were an interesting time to be alive. There were a lot of really low-cut pants with high-rise underwear, crop tops, and so many hair extensions.

One of the more notorious style choices we remember from that time period was the chunky highlights. Everyone from Christina to Kelly Clarkson was rocking the look. It was happening all over the place.


People would either start with a dark color of hair and then add very large bands of a completely different color all over their head.


Or they would have a light color of hair and go for big pieces of a contrasting color. Christina was a big fan of it, doing a lot of extreme lowlights. While Kelly had the opposite. Either way, it was pretty brutal, but we thought we were past it.

Turns out we were very, very, wrong...

That's right, the hairstyle we all thought we were done with has managed to claw its way out of the depths. Hairstylists have been sharing their latest creations on Instagram, and honestly people don't know how to feel about it.

Seriously, people are getting some VERY excessive highlights.

This is very Ginger Spice-inspired

Apparently having zebra stripes is ideal again?

It's a real interesting choice...

Christina, is that you?

There is just so much going on

Such a distinct look

What do you think? Would you go for the chunky highlights again or is it best left in the past?