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Cher's Awesome Closet System Is Now Essentially Real, And We Are Totally Buggin'

We all watched Clueless back when it came out and in so many moments we were envious of Cher. She had amazing hair, a cool car, and all kinds of other advantages that we wish we had. One of the most awesome things in Cher's giant house was her closet. Not only because she had amazing clothes, but because Cher had this crazy computer system that helped her get dressed.

The system would tell her if the clothes were a mismatch (which sounds super handy) and it would activate the electronic system that would find all the pieces of the outfit.

How many times have you looked back at pictures of yourself and thought "hey, those clothes don't match at all" and wished that you had a system to help you out? Well, Amazon has found a way bring this system to life!

Amazon launched Echo Look which is a device that helps you get dressed. It doesn't have the same interface as Cher's, but instead has a voice activated system, camera, and even a service called "Style Check" that uses algorithms and advice from fashion specialists.

You better believe Cher would use this software if it was available at the time!

Does this seem like something you would want? Personally, I think I would still rather have Cher's closet... It's just too perfect.