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8 Characters That Were Killed Off Because Of The Actors Playing Them

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We have all been there. We watch in awe as one of our favorite shows starts to develop and all of a sudden one of our favorite characters is unceremoniously killed off, and none of us are prepared for it.

Sometimes characters are killed off because the story has to happen that way, and other times characters are killed off because the actors and actresses playing them either want to leave, or they screwed something up really bad.

For this list we are going to focus on actors and actresses who were killed off for doing it to themselves.

1. Patrick Dempsey - Grey's Anatomy

Dempsey played Derek Shepherd, the hospital heartthrob more commonly referred to by fans as "McDreamy." It was rumored that while out of character, Dempsey was a nightmare to work with. It was said that he initiated a lot of infighting, and was even accused of infidelity on set. Producers started to see him as a liability to the show, and killed him off in a fatal accident.


2. Michael Pitt - Boardwalk Empire

When Pitt's character Jimmy Darmody was executed with two gunshots to the head, fans thought that it happened because it was what needed to happen for the storyline. It wasn't until later that it came out that he was killed off because the rest of the cast hated working with him.


3. Charlie Sheen - Two and a Half Men

Sheen's character, Charlie Harper, was killed off because Sheen had become something of a personal dumpster fire. Sheen had started fighting with show creator Chuck Lorre. His rampant drug and alcohol abuse probably didn't help, but he never did end up "winning!"


4. Chevy Chase - Community

Chase played Pierce Hawthorne, a somewhat charming, yet out of touch bigot. Unfortunately, life started to imitate art, and Chase started to having some racist and bigoted comments of his own to say. Add that to fighting with the show's producers, and Chase's character vanished from the series before the end of a season.


These next four left for some truly spectacular reasons.

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