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Where Did The Cast Of "NewsRadio" Go After They Signed Off?


While it lasted just five seasons, NewsRadio has aged much better than other '90s sitcoms through the years. That's thanks to the great team of actors who made the show a success.

But what happened to the news team at WNYX when the station went off the air? Here's what the cast have been up to since the show was canceled in 1999.

Maura Tierney

She was great as the serious and smart reporter Lisa Miller, but Tierney's career hasn't slowed at all since NewsRadio ended. After a series of small movie roles, she returned to TV as Abby Lockhart on ER.  

In recent years, you might have seen Tierney on shows like Rescue Me, The Good Wife, and HBO's The Affair.

Vicki Lewis

In the '90s, when she wasn't playing Dave's feisty secretary, Beth, Lewis appeared in hit movies like Godzilla and Mouse Hunt. While she's popped up again on sitcoms like How I Met Your Mother, these days Lewis works mainly as a voice actress.

She's played characters on Doc McStuffins, Ben 10, and in Pixar's Finding Nemo movies. She also has a singing career, and released her debut album - East of Midnight - in 2010.

Patrick Warburton

While his character, Johnny Johnson, entered the show as a nemesis for the station's owner Jimmy James, he became part of the WNYX family when he married Lisa.

Warburton has had a busy career since the show ended, both in animated movies like The Emperor's New Groove (where he played Kronk) and on sitcoms like Rules of Engagement.

Most recently, you've seen him play Lemony Snicket in Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events, and heard his voice on Family Guy, where he plays Joe.

Khandi Alexander

As news anchor Catherine Duke, Alexander was one of the more serious members of the show's cast. While Catherine left the newsroom for a job in London in season four, Alexander never left show business.

She starred as medical examiner Alexx Woods for the first six seasons of CSI: Miami, but you'll also recognize her as Olivia's mother, Maya, from Scandal. ER fans will also remember her as Jackie Robbins.

Phil Hartman

Sadly, Hartman's role as news anchor Bill McNeal was his last. Between taping season four and five, the NewsRadio cast was shocked by the news that Hartman's wife, Brynn, had shot and killed the actor while he was sleeping.

The former SNL star's death was mirrored by his character's in the opening episode of season five, when it's revealed McNeal died from a heart attack.

But what about the rest of the cast?

Andy Dick

Audiences got a kick out of Dick as the clumsy but lovable reporter Matthew Brock, but the laughter stopped soon after the show ended. Dick had some success with his sketch show The Andy Dick Show, and had roles in Hollywood comedies like Zoolander, but he's also had plenty of trouble with the law and substance abuse.

Dick has been arrested a number of times, been sent to rehab, and starred on celebrity rehab reality shows. He's arguably more famous today for his stunts and arrests than for his time on NewsRadio.

Stephen Root

Root had a habit of stealing scenes as the station's eccentric billionaire owner Jimmy James. Of course he played Milton in Office Space after the show ended, but he had a lot of other roles you probably didn't know about.

Root has had parts on TV shows like Boardwalk Empire and The Man in the High Castle, but he's also voiced cartoon characters like Bill from King of the Hill. Today, he's still busy working on shows like Adventure Time.

Dave Foley

The Kids in the Hall alum played the station's tap-dancing news director, and he's still flexing his comedy skills on TV. Foley's had recurring roles on Dr. Ken and The Middle recently, but maybe you saw him on Hot in Cleveland too.

Joe Rogan

Handyman Joe Garelli always had a new invention to test out, but Rogan says he's not as handy as his famous character.

Rogan has found success in a few different careers since NewsRadio ended. He's a successful stand-up comic, he hosted Fear Factor, and he's one of the UFC's main fight commentators.

Jon Lovitz

Anchor Max Lewis was brought in to replace Bill McNeal, just like Lovitz was called to fill in for his SNL co-star.

Since appearing on the show, Lovitz starred in Rat Race, competed on The Celebrity Apprentice, and starred in his own sitcom Mr. Box Office. He still takes small parts on TV, and does voice work on shows like The Simpsons.

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