Carrie Fisher Was Secretly Responsible For A Bunch Of Your Favorite Movie Scenes

Not only was the late Carrie Fisher, best known as Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise, a phenomenal actress, philanthropist and activist, there was a time when she was also one of Hollywood's most sought after script doctors.

Fisher never bragged about her incredible accomplishments, but since her death in 2016, many of her contributions to cinema have been coming to light.

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In the 90s, scriptwriters would enlist Fisher's help in fixing and improving their work. She was seldomly credited for polishing these scripts, but it didn't stop her from taking them on. She rewrote some of Princess Leia's dialogues, and provided her input on Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

She also contributed to Stephen Spielberg's Hook by rewriting the comedic dialogue for Julia Roberts' Tinkerbell.

"I wrote Postcards and based on that I was asked to rewrite Hook," Fisher once explained. "They told me they wanted me to rewrite Tinkerbell’s part, but if Tinkerbell interacts, you’re writing scenes."

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Following her success with the Hook script, Fisher doctored more 90s movie scripts, including Sister Act, Lethal Weapon 3, The River Wild, Outbreak, So I Married An Axe Murderer, and My Girl 2. She also put her magic touch on a few movies in the early 00s, like Coyote Ugly and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

But what many don't know is she also played a big role in the making of one of the most iconic animated movies, Anastasia.

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That's right, Fisher was part of the Fox classic's success, and the film's songwriting team, Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty, recently revealed which scene Fisher was responsible for.

In case you needed a refresher, Anastasia is a 1997 film that tells the story of a Russian heir who was separated from her family and became an orphan. She eventually left her orphanage, but had to make a decision about her future - to continue living as "Anya the Orphan" or travel to Paris on a "journey to her past."

She made the choice to take the journey alongside two Russian scammers, one of whom she eventually falls in love with. They later realize that she was the real Princess Anastasia and reunite her with her family.


On the occasion of Anastasia's 20th anniversary, Ahrens and Flaherty, who penned the film's Oscar-nominated song "Journey to the past," sat down to dish out some details about the making of the movie.

Turns out, Fisher was the brain behind the pivotal scene to which Ahrens and Flaherty's song was set to.

Princess Leia wrote that scene," joked Flaherty. "It was interesting because they really wanted to get into the psyche of Anya," Flaherty told Entertainment Weekly.

The memorable scene is considered by many to be one of the most pivotal moments in Anastasia's life. She was lost in all the possibilities life held, and whatever choice she ended up making would greatly impact her life. Thankfully, she made the right one, which led her back to her family and the throne.

We owe Fisher a huge thank you for helping bringing one of our favorite childhood movie moments to life.

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