8 Times Carpool Karaoke Caused More Drama Than Intended


James Corden made a big name for himself when he launched his Carpool Karaoke segment. Sure, people sort of knew who he was before that, but it was these car rides with famous musicians that really got people talking.

They're all pretty wholesome, with well-loved artists singing along with their greatest hits while cruising around the city.

But sometimes the mini road trips give us more than we bargained for. There are some moments that were a little more controversial than they probably intended.

1. Adam Levine

When Adam Levine joined James Corden, it started out fairly innocent. The duo joked about how they're both such dads now, and sang some of Levine's early hits with Maroon 5.

The problem, however, is that their little car ride proved too distracting, and they were pulled over by the police.


Overall, the cop was just looking to have some fun, but it's still a first for the talk-show host, who doesn't understand how Levine was so calm about it all.

After the scare, the duo heads to a race track where they see who can drive the fastest.

2. Madonna

Madonna's controversy was more about the way she acted. First off, she was sporting an interesting accent which was a mix of American and bad British.

Then, she takes off her seat belt to awkwardly raise her legs above her head.

The whole thing was extremely theatrical, and people accused the 58-year-old icon of being too flashy and immature.


Madge also revealed that she "full French kissed" Michael Jackson, although she claimed that her lifestyle wasn't as rebellious as everyone thinks.

At one point, a bus cuts off the singing duo, and Madonna insists that Corden "drive up next to bus, I want to give him what's what."

Corden says no, and Madonna says he's "letting people get away with bad behavior."

All in all, it was just a really strange outing from Madonna, although I don't know what else you would expect.

3. Selena Gomez

This one was more Corden's fault than Gomez's, but it still falls into the controversy category.

While driving around, Corden and Gomez decide they're hungry and go to hit up a local McDonald's. At the time, the fast food chain was handing out cups with certain song lyrics on them, one of which was Gomez's songs.

Corden pulls up to the window with Gomez in the passenger seat, and the workers are obviously excited. When they hand over the drinks, Corden notices they weren't given Selena Gomez lyric cups.

He starts getting frustrated with the staff, saying "We need Selena Gomez lyrics! I'm in the car with Selena Gomez."


"We've got to have the cups with Selena Gomez. You've got to have the Selena Gomez lyrics."


"I'm with Selena Gomez. If anyone's going to get the Selena Gomez cups..."


While it's all well and good to name drop the celebrity you're with a bunch of times, that doesn't mean the workers have time to keep re-pouring drinks and rifling through every cup in the establishment.

They eventually get the cups, say thank you, and are on their way. But you've gotta wonder if those McDonald's workers suddenly developed a hatred for the duo.

4. Lady Gaga

Gaga is known for her wild ways, and apparently that doesn't change when she's in the car. At the beginning of the segment, she starts yelling at the car in front of them for going to slow. Gaga then gets behind the wheel, after revealing she just got her license, and to say her driving skills need improvement is an understatement.


The duo shoots forward out onto the road without even checking to see who's coming. Corden jokingly dons a helmet to protect himself, but the reality is it's not funny to have distracted drivers on our streets.

5. Britney Spears

Britney's Carpool Karaoke was pretty tame...and that was the issue. Fans had been getting pumped up for the iconic pop star to finally appear in the passenger seat, but to say it was disappointing is an understatement.


Britney was subdued for most of the ride, lip syncing almost every song, and when she did sing it was really quiet. She tried to cover it all up by laughing or covering her lip, but it was pretty clear she just wasn't in the mood to sing.


Britney was also terrible for conversation. She wasn't catching any jokes that Corden threw at her, and overall the host had to do most of the heavy lifting.

6. Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters didn't have anything necessarily controversial happen on screen, but it was an interview afterwards that raised some eyebrows.


“By hour three in dude’s car it got less fun,” guitarist Pat Smear told NME. “It kinda went on. When we stopped at Guitar Centre, that felt like we were done, but it was like ‘this is halfway’.”


Grohl echoed these statements, but also pointed out that it's not Corden's fault or lack of passion that made it uncomfortable.

“Oh he definitely is [a music lover],” Grohl told NME. “And he’s a very nice guy. But y’know, I don’t mind singing my own songs at Glastonbury or The O2 but if I had to sing you a song right now I’d be too embarrassed.”

8. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was great during her Carpool Karaoke segment, but it was once again James Corden who made things uncomfortable.


While they were chatting, Corden asked the singer/dancer/actress who the most famous person in her phone was. Lopez responded with Leonardo DiCaprio, and Corden got the brilliant idea to text the movie star.

He grabbed J-Lo's phone, and sent a message to Leo saying "Hey baby, I'm kinda feeling like I need to cut loose, any suggestions? Let me know, J-Lo, y'know, from the block."


"Now I'm gonna have to explain this!!" Lopez said.

Leo did eventually write back, saying "You mean tonight, boo boo? Club wise?"

“I did have to explain it to him,” J-Lo said in a later interview. “He was a great sport about it ... I was like, 'So hey, this is what had happened! I was with James Corden.' He's great. He's a friend and it was nice. He was totally like, 'Do whatever you want, I don't care.' I don't know if he'd say that today!"

Are you a fan of Carpool Karaoke?