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Best 90's Stoner Movies

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

The 90’s era is iconic for so many reasons and will be a forever vibe. 90’s music and fashion trends are in constant rotation even decades later, but 90’s movies hold a special place in a stoner’s heart. After the Cheech and Chong period in the 70’s and 80’s, the coined term “stoner movies” truly took off in the 90’s and on. Here is a list of the best 90’s stoner movies so you can really get into the mood of kicking back in true stoner style.

Half Baked

Often referred to now as a cult classic, Half Baked is one of those movies that get better with time. Although a complete failure in the movie theaters, this epic 90’s stoner movie co-written and co-starring Dave Chappelle is a favorite in the cannabis community over 20 years later. A light-hearted romantic comedy in New York City about four lifelong friends who are also heavy stoners, smoke some potent marijuana and end up getting into a situation involving a diabetic horse and becoming drug dealers to save their friend from jail time. Of course Dave Chappelle’s love interest is named Mary Jane and you’ll be giggling at other obvious references to ganja. Remember, this was set in the 90’s and cannabis was very much prohibited so any incognito reference to that good good is extra funny. Anything with Chappelle is hilarious and requires a joint to be smoked before watching, so roll up and get your movie munchies ready!

True Romance

This flick could be compared to Pretty Woman but the more unrefined version that involves a suitcase of cocaine. True Romance is a 1993 film featuring Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette, a call girl that was hired to sleep with Christian but instead falls in love with him and chaos ensues. Weed isn’t involved in this movie but since it is created by Quentin Tarantino it was a must to include. Every stoner loves a good action movie that is packed and filled with unrealistic scenarios that can be conveniently enjoyed from the comfort of one’s couch. This would be a great movie to eat an edible and just go straight into chill mode.


Kevin Smith’s breakout film Clerks is an absolute legend in the independent filmmaking industry. Featuring Jay and Silent Bob later in the film, this movie is about two average dudes named Dante and Randal and the anything but ordinary day they had working at the convenient and movie store shops next door to each other. The two friends talk about life and the various difficult customers they come across, and eventually their personal lives are involved and of course it gets messy. Dante is in a love triangle the entire movie and the series of events that unfold will have you needing to be high in the first five minutes. Clerks is a movie that has been recognized as “historically, culturally and aesthetically significant” and was the reason Kevin Smith’s career launched. A popular movie choice over 25 years later, any Jay and Silent Bob movie is a stoner favorite and you must be as high as possible before watching!

Dazed and Confused

Quentin Tarantino once said that Dazed and Confused was one of the best films of all time and this coming of age story set in 1993 is one to pull at your nostalgia. Featuring a large cast of characters that eventually went on to be powerhouse celebrities (like Ben Affleck and Matthew McConaughey), Dazed and Confused is almost 30 years old and still a fan favorite. The movie is set in the early 90’s with a group of high school teenagers that are preparing for the incoming freshman and traditional hazing activities. The night involves a lot of hazing (which is totally not okay to do but in the spirit of celebrating the 90’s this was completely normal) and friendships/relationships are formed. This film is one of those movies that are nice to have in the background while you scroll through your phone aimlessly shopping for cool bongs online because you won’t miss much if you take your eyes off the screen for a minute or two. A nice movie to watch on a Sunday to give out those feel-good vibes, make yourself a nice brunch and top it off with a nice playlist including a bunch of throwback Aerosmith.


Another surprising box office flub, Homegrown is packed with celebrities like Billy Bob Thorton and Jamie Lee Curtis to really stick the 90’s feel-good vibes on you. This movie is about small-time marijuana harvesters getting way over their heads in the big leagues and chaos breaks out once the mafia becomes involved. Paired with a banging indie-rock playlist, this movie is another nostalgic choice that will have you wanting to bleach the tips of your hair and bust out all of your old flannels. Not to mention the appearance of the mullet hairdo - business in the front and party in the back is definitely a whole stoner vibe.

It was a special time to be alive in the 90’s, but letting these films become seasoned over time and revisiting is a must-have experience for anyone that wants to truly grasp the feels of the iconic 90’s. There is no better way to kick it back a couple decades than by lighting up a few joints or taking a couple of bong rips to get you into chill mode. Enjoy this list of the best 90’s stoner movies and to kick it up a notch by playing a little game: remember to take a hit every time you recognize a celebrity you know!