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7 Things The "Bad Kids" In Your Class Always Did No Matter How Much The Teacher Yelled

As a former good-two-shoes, I can't pretend like I did any of those cool "bad" kid things, but I do remember seeing them all happen. Elementary school was basically a battle between the teachers and the students, and their weapons may not have been very advanced, but they were effective.

A teacher could assign as much homework as they wanted, but as a kid, your attacks are limited. You don't have a lot of things you can do that will solidify your cool kid status without having you kicked out of school.

It wasn't easy, but I guess some of you found the balance between bully and class clown. Here are some of the things those kids your parents always called a "bad influence" would do.

1. Stick gum under the desk or chair

This honestly still sends a shiver through my spine. There is nothing more disgusting then having to move your desk or chair and touching some chewed up goop that someone else left there however long ago. Literally makes me gag.

2. Spit balls

There's something about those "bad kids" who seem to think any of us want to interact with their saliva. Sorry guys, but I would really rather you not launch spit-soaked pieces of paper into my hair for me to find later.

3. Cheating on a test

We've all been in a situation where we just don't know the answer on the test. I've been out of school for a long time now, and I still have nightmares about tests. But when you're actually in class and you're frantically scribbling down, it can be a little too convenient to peek at your neighbor's answers and see if it's the same as what you had.

Honestly, we survived so much worse too...

4. Screaming on the bus

Driving a bus is kind of terrifying if you think about it. You have almost 50 kids (I think, I've blocked out all memories of the school bus) in your care and you need to transport them to and from school. You've got to keep them safe, and that can be a little bit difficult when those little monsters are screaming at the top of their lungs and throwing around trash.

5. Throw the little balled up papers

Okay, to those of you who did this, these hurt. I don't know why you thought it was so funny, but we all ended up with legitimate bruises because of these.

6. Saying they'd help in a group project

We knew they weren't going to help, but their confidence in front of the class was going to make our nerves a little easier because no one would be looking at us. At least that was our initial thought when the group was assigned, but we quickly realized it just mean more work, and more stress.

7. Gossiping

Remember that time when Anne found out who you had a crush on so she went and told them? Of course you do. Whoever your "Anne" was, she was a monster.

At least we can all say we survived right? Elementary school was rough, but we're tough as nails now and it's probably for the better.