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10 People From The Early 2000s You'll Have A Hard Time Explaining To Your Kids

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The early 2000s were an extremely weird time for pop culture, as the transition from the sheer insanity that was the 90s gave rise to some weirdness of its own. All around us were people that were inexplicably famous, yet seemed to disappear just as quickly as they showed up.

In the case of these ten, we're pretty sure that if anybody today found a time capsule from like 2003, they're already be confused as hell about how or why these people got successful.

For starters, there's these two "rich b****es" we all watched for some reason.


Or that guy who tried to turn a marriage with Britney Spears into a rap career. What was his name again?


How about all those dudes from Jackass that we watched hurt themselves for our amusement? Think some of them were skateboarders maybe?


Or that random dude who had a hit about how it wasn't him that his girl caught with another woman? Yknow, that guy?


There were two Russian girls who had a brief music career that was basically all about whether or not they were sleeping with each other.


Things get harder to explain from here...

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